Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Coming Soon! Salon & Spa

I decided that Riverview (or any other town) might enjoy an updated salon and spa.  I've been building a lot in Riverview and I've forgotten that it actually has one of the best layouts of all the towns I've ever played.  (The only town I don't have is Lunar Lakes.) For being a free town, and as old as it is, Riverview is a lovely town.

Anyway, I actually removed a pre-built house that was located on this corner and built this Salon that's equipped with Ambitions make-over stations and the massage beds from the Sunlit Tides Store World.  I also used Roaring Heights build items which give this building that older flare.

This is ready for upload, but I'm having problems getting decent interior pictures because every time I go into camera mode the building glitches out like my sim isn't there. You know if your draw distance is down then nearby buildings look kinda Minecraft-ish..... well, that's what the salon does in camera mode and it makes it difficult to get a worthy shot.

I also have plans to rebuild some other Ambitions buildings and removing two other houses on the same street as the salon.  When I upload this I'll be sure to specify the address, because this building is intended for Riverview and built with two entrances since it's a corner lot.  But with some minor changes this could be placed in any town.  :)

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