Friday, February 7, 2014

New! Georgiana

I have a partially-furnished home now available for download.

Georgiana  is a classically-styled home with ample space to customize and add furnishings along with what I've placed in the home.  All but the bedrooms are furnished so downloaders can customize the rooms as needed.

The features of this home is a unique pergola in the backyard decorated for outdoor entertainment.  There are two private balconies on the second floor - one off the Master Suite and one off the first bedroom.  There is a smaller room available as a fourth bedroom option, perfect for a nursery or space for a quiet study.

I did not upgrade any of the appliances in this home - sorry, forgot!      -_-

There is NO CC/CAP patterns in the home and limited store content was used.  Basically, the Bayside set and the Sun, Surf & Sand are what would be recommended out of the store content I used, others are optional.

On to the pictures!

The size of the home is perfect for large sim families and the rooms themselves could ideally hold bunkbeds or 2 twin beds plus dressers, toys, knick knacks, etc.  I kept the floor plan open and even though I've furnished the main areas of the house, there is still room for players to customize the home further. 

Recommended Expansions: WA, AMB, LN, Pets, Seasons, SN, GEN, UL, IP
Recommended Stuff Packs: Master Suite, Outdoor Living Stuff

Enjoy and be sure to Recommend/Download!

Thanks and Happy Simming!

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