Saturday, February 15, 2014


Permit me to ramble about random Sims 3 stuff.  First, I'm going through a Tudor phase.... 

This is my third Tudor WIP and likely the biggest one.  This is more of a Gothic-style Tudor and the other two are more traditional (which I haven't shared the other two yet.)  Anyway, thought I'd share the one above for now.  I should be able to upload the smallest of the three Tudor houses today.  That was the one I built for a friend that needed a family home on a budget.  

And last night I caved and bought Roaring Heights.  I was planning on really not investing further into Sims 3 a couple months back when I got back to playing, but I've gotten store content and the ITF expansion since then so... yeah...

Anyway, I really do love Roaring Heights and have been having some ideas on building.  I was thinking of keeping in mind with a bit of a budget, you know, for the players that DON'T cheat, lol. (I totally cheat.)

Opinions on this house I'm showing are welcome...  Its definitely a "meh" feeling for me, but I liked the roof design.  But I also felt like this house didn't really fit the 40's theme of Roaring Heights.

Anyway, I've been googling 40's interior design and I'm kinda in love with what I've been finding, so I REALLY want to build at least one house in Roaring Heights.  The problem for me, I think, will be in building a style that fits the town.  It's definitely not something I've built before so it'll be new for me.

Anyway, I guess that's all for now.  Ta Ta, kiddos!

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