Sunday, September 25, 2011

Another WIP

This next WIP is something I'm only creating on the side during free time - which is nearly non-existant right now.
I'm wanting to add this house (when finished) to a town that will have a historic district full of wealthy sims.  This town has yet to be created - may never be created - as I dabble in too many things at the moment.

Nonetheless, here's a pic of a house that I used for inspiration

And here is my creation so far:

Thanks to game parameters, I can't make the house exact.  But I am pretty happy with the result.  Obviously just the exterior alone is done.  I haven't even bothered with landscaping or the interior.  We'll see when this gets finished.

My Halloween WIP

To commence with my first "official" entry for my blog.  I'll show some finished rooms of my latest WIP.   Like every builder I have more than one current work-in-progress, but this is one I'm trying to finish by a deadline.  There is a Halloween Contest being hosted by mwjessica right now over in the official forums, in the Gift Gathering section.  This house is the Addams Family house from the original TV series.

Here are some depictions of the original:

And here's my Sims 3 version that I'm working on:

As you can see the exterior is pretty much finished, I may make some minor additions before uploading but nothing that would really alter the look that you see here right now.

Here are some interior shots of the house that showcase some of the areas of the house I've finished.  I do want to keep some finished  areas as a surprise so only a portion of what I've finished is shown.

So the pics are kind of small - but I hope you see the detail.  This home has been rather fun to create, the problem has been finding time to finish it.
This home will contain some custom patterns from Mod The Sims and one of my own creation.  Hope you like it.

If you are interested, I have the completed Addams family available for download from my studio.  You can find them here:

The Addams Family Household

Saturday, September 24, 2011

A Need to Showcase

Hello Simmers!

I figured since I'm a pretty seasoned builder on the sims 3 game that I could start showcasing my work on my own blog and give more details and snapshots without feeling like I am spamming the official forums of Sims 3.

That is, if anyone out there really cares about my creations.

So without further ado, I will begin posting future creations shortly as I have so many right now.  Stay tuned, you fantastic Simmers, you!