Tuesday, November 29, 2011

*Fusion* A Modern-Zen House

The request for FullMetalWolfBabe is done -- whew! There was a lot to it, but I'm really happy with how this came out. :)

First, this house has no 3rd-party CC.  That makes things A LOT easier, doesn't it?  I used items from Base game, World Adventures, Ambitions, Late Night, Town Life and Pets.  Store items were used in this home.  Asian Fusion (set) and odds-and-ends that ought to be free were also used.

This home (as stated in a previous post) is a four bedroom, two and a half bath modern-zen home.  There's a fishable pond, a green house with basic vegetation, outdoor living space, pool and zen garden.  The back yard is also private for the most part - no nosy neighbor-sims will be bothering you there!

**Pics will come soon** I'm just too lazy tired tonight to put them up, but I did put custom pics up with the actual house.  If you're interested to see the house, and possibly download it (shameless hint) then you can view it in my studio on the official Sims 3 site Here

Picture Spam

Okay, just a little something to tempt the three or four people reading this blog about a WIP I started last night.

Monday, November 28, 2011

Available for Download! Summercrest

My craftsman Ranch house is finished and ready to download.  Please be aware that this house does contain both transferable and non-transferable CC, this includes some patterns.  Non-transferable patterns are listed below.
First, let me share all the non-transferable CC you need to download before downloading the house from my studio.  It is important to download the CC first so that the items will appear/work correctly as I intended for them.
Non-Transferable CC to download:

Curtain Height Adjustment (Non-Core Mod)

Fractional Walls by alexpilgrim

Simple Siding by PlasticBox

Tile Patterns by JaneSamborski

Country Windows by HugeLunatic

The Fiorella Sims2 flower conversion by goodywood

And now, to share with you the CC that transfers with the download:

-Awesims Matching Sidewalk Spray Paint tool
(located in Build Mode under Spray Paint)

-Redwood Long Lattice Fence by Apple @ TSR

- Shingle Pattern by samusa06 @ TSR

- Brick Pattern by ung999 @ TSR

- Quatrefoil pattern by Zhaana @ TSR

-There are possibly a couple more patterns used that I do not know exactly who created them.  Should any of you recognize them, please let me know and I'll credit the creators.  And to all the creators listed above - Thank you!

Now on to the picture-spamming:

*Please note: This house has been fully play-tested and I came across no routing issues. 


Sneak Peek into my next WIP

I still have 2 other WIPs I want to finish before starting in on anything new.  But I think I found the next house I want to create.  It'll look a little something like this:

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Craftsman Update

Here's a WIP I had shown in an older post -- thought I'd lost it when I installed Pets since the windows are CC.  But thankfully, the creator updated/patched the set so now it works with Pets. Woot!

Here's a pic update:

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Update to Zen Modern

Hi Ya'll --

I thought I'd share a few pics updating what I've done with the WIP for fullmetalwolfbabe.  I've decided to go with the 2nd build I created with her specs in mind.

This is going to be a 4 bedroom/2.5 bath house with a basement that will provide space for a study and a game room.
The floor plan (like with most if not all moderns) will be open and the outside landscaping will feature a Zen Garden (that you can see the beginnings of above), green house, pool and pond. Whew! It's gonna be a lot of work.

Friday, November 18, 2011

A Bold Modern

This is another WIP -- a different take on the same request I'm attempting to fulfill for simmer FullMetalWolfBabe ...

Whaddya think?

Sunday, November 13, 2011

NEW Modern Zen WIP

So here's a house that I'm working on per request for a fellow simmer.  This is supposed to be a Modern, Zen-like home with 4 bedrooms.  The requester wants there to be a pond, pool, zen garden and green house. Apparently (looking at my notes now while I'm typing) she also wants a basement (dammit!), study, and game room....
Arg, I hate basements.  They're really not tricky unless you forget to actually build the basement before actually building the house.  Just like in real life, you build from the ground up.  Logically, you cannot build a basement underneath an existing house, and that's pretty much how the game acts as well... I've seen people build basements with an existing house but it takes a lot of finagling and patience.... Patience is something I don't have nearly enough of as it is, so I'm not sure now how I'm going to finish this house for her with a basement, but I'll figure something out...
Oh well.
So here's a couple of pics of the exterior:

Monday, November 7, 2011

CC Issues with Pets, Anyone?

For those out there who had their share of third party CC and then decided to get the Pets EP, I feel your pain in loosing any CC you had.

I have lost all CC items I once had and so far I'm unable to get them back as they're unsupported by the new EP. :(  Big-Frowny-Face

So my previous WIPS are no longer in existence since I also had to do a clean install with Pets.  Boo!

I'm not too torn up about it, though, as I know if I really want to re-create the houses I can.  Being the perfectionist I am, I draft all my ideas on graph paper before actually building in-game, so I'm okay with the loss of WIPs far more than I'm okay with the loss of all my CC.... I had loads.

Anyway, so I am working on a Zen-inspired Modern house per request from a fellow simmer, so when I get a chance I'll update the blog with pics.  Right now I'm not sure of the style, so we'll see.