Monday, November 28, 2011

Available for Download! Summercrest

My craftsman Ranch house is finished and ready to download.  Please be aware that this house does contain both transferable and non-transferable CC, this includes some patterns.  Non-transferable patterns are listed below.
First, let me share all the non-transferable CC you need to download before downloading the house from my studio.  It is important to download the CC first so that the items will appear/work correctly as I intended for them.
Non-Transferable CC to download:

Curtain Height Adjustment (Non-Core Mod)

Fractional Walls by alexpilgrim

Simple Siding by PlasticBox

Tile Patterns by JaneSamborski

Country Windows by HugeLunatic

The Fiorella Sims2 flower conversion by goodywood

And now, to share with you the CC that transfers with the download:

-Awesims Matching Sidewalk Spray Paint tool
(located in Build Mode under Spray Paint)

-Redwood Long Lattice Fence by Apple @ TSR

- Shingle Pattern by samusa06 @ TSR

- Brick Pattern by ung999 @ TSR

- Quatrefoil pattern by Zhaana @ TSR

-There are possibly a couple more patterns used that I do not know exactly who created them.  Should any of you recognize them, please let me know and I'll credit the creators.  And to all the creators listed above - Thank you!

Now on to the picture-spamming:

*Please note: This house has been fully play-tested and I came across no routing issues.