Saturday, August 25, 2012

Now Available - Trissino... And Coming Soon....

I have a new home to share, this one has been sitting for months in-game, waiting for me to finish it and I just don't think it'll get there. Life has been so hectic recently.

So, I figure, since it's partially furnished and most of the grunt work is done, others might enjoy the home and decorating the unfinished spots themselves.  It's namely the bedrooms and bathrooms that aren't complete.

So, I present you ....


  • 4 bedrooms, 3 full bathrooms
  • 167,889 Simoleans
  • Partially Furnished
  • CC Free
  • Contains Store Content
  • Gym & Rec Room
  • Ample outdoor space ready for customization
  • Perfect for a large family

This home is available for download through MediaFire only, as The Exchange is acting up for me today.  Since it was only partially furnished, there is no YouTube video for it.

And here's a sneak peek at a home that will be available soon!

*This home will be unfurnished and CC Free*

Enjoy & Happy Simming!

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

My 100th Post!

This marks my 100th post for this blog. 0_0 Wow!

It's been awhile since I've checked in and posted on my blog, but I've just been so crazy-busy, as it can get for all of us.  

I'm trying to get back to building, though my attention isn't always there.  I'm too excited for all the new stuff we'll be getting when Supernatural comes out that I really want to wait on building until I get my greedy fingers on the new EP. 

Anyway, for my 100th post I do have another WIP to share, it's another request I took up, for someone to have a Victorian home.

This home will have WA, LN, Gen, Pets, OLS, TL and MS items only. No CC or Store Content. And the interesting thing about this is the requester actually asked that no cheats be used. Which was very hard - so hard, in fact, that I made one teeny-weeny cheat.

This will be ready for upload this week as I only have the bedrooms and bathrooms to complete.
Happy Simming, you fantastic people, You!

Sunday, August 5, 2012

Coming Soon(ish) - Summer Breeze

Althought I'm not quite at the half-way point, I thought to go ahead and share my next WIP that's in progress for another requester.

The home I'm building is based off the home pictures below.  Blueprints for this home can be found at ICI Homes.

This is another large home, but I managed to squeeze this on onto a 40x40 lot.  This is a 6 bedroom home, with about 4 bathrooms.

MY in-game progress so far:

I'm thinking due to the size of bedrooms I'll be pre-occupied with this home through the week.  So when I say "Coming Soon(ish)" I mean it. <LOL>

My goal is to have this done by Friday, but don't hold your breath folks!

Happy Simming!

Friday, August 3, 2012

Martinique - A Mediterranean Home

I have finally finished it!

You can download this home through MediaFire only due to size and amount of CC.

This, to me, was a large request.  It's a big home and every bedroom had it's own full bathroom and the sheer space to design and decorate was over-whelming at times.  I think I pretty much did it, though. :)

There is still room to add some personal touches for downloaders.

Quick View Details:
  • Contains CC
  • Store Content Free
  • Fully Play-tested and checked through Custard
  • 4bedrooms/4bathrooms
  • 3 car garage
  • Pool with Cabana
  • Music Room
  • Hobby Room
  • Walk-Out/Daylight Basement
There are 2 items of Non-Transferable CC you need to download first before downloading the house:

Please take a moment and watch the YouTube Showcase that shows more pictures of the lot.

Happy Simming!