Monday, October 6, 2014

Coming Soon! Burnham Ridge

Another Sims 4 home is on it's way to you soon!  I have some finishing touches to make and one last room to furnish.

This home is actually pretty spacious despite being on a small lot.  It will feature a galley-style kitchen, open foyer and great room with a full bath and 2 bedrooms on the main floor.  On the second floor there will be 2 additional bedrooms and another full bath.  The highlight of this home will be the ample outdoor space.  There's a covered porch on the side of the home that wraps around to the back but is exposed to the sunlight with a grill and picnic area.

This home will be 3rd party CC - free!

I am also creating this home in Sims 3, but it's interior is not as far along as the Sims 4 counterpart.

I will post a picture of that home once I get back into Sims 3. :D

Also, I'm still slowly working on the Tudor - style home for Sims 3, but there are a lot of elements I wanted to include in it so it's just going at a slow pace, but I'm definitely over half-way through with that one.  And the other Sims 3 WIP with the fishable pond has had no further work on it, until this one and the Tudor home is finished it's on the back-burner for now.

Ta! And Happy Simming!

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

New! Sims 4's HGTV Dream Home

The Sims 4 version of the HGTV Dream Home is ready!  You can download this house via The Gallery in your Sims 4 game! Just search for #HGTVDreamHome2015 or my user name, Peaches327.

The house is very spacious and perfect for large families.  It's a 5 bedroom (1 bedroom is a dedicated nursery) 2 bath house.  All on one floor and you can easily monitor all your sims when your camera is zoomed out.   I did not change the name of this house - bad habit I'm developing with Sims 4 - and so the plot that I built it on is the default name which I don't have handy.  

Eh.  I'll work on that.  

Anyway!  On to the pics:
(Remember you can click on the pics to enlarge them)

The only thing not pictured are the bathrooms and that's only because it's hard to really get a decent picture in such small spaces.  But both bathrooms are furnished and function.  The home has been play-tested as well.

On a side note, when I moved a family into this house some items disappeared.  Not sure if it's because I used the cheat to enlarge certain items or what but if any items are missing from the house when you download it, please let me know so I can be sure to troubleshoot it not happening in future builds.

Please be sure to favorite me if you like my creations so that you'll see more of what I upload.  Also, please feel free to leave comments and "likes" on the house.

Happy Simming!

Monday, September 29, 2014

Sims 3 HGTV Dream Home

Hello Again!

Just a quick update via piture of what the HGTV Dream Home looks like in the Sims 3 version.

As you can see, it looks more like the HGTV home than the Sims 4 version but I like both equally.

This Sims 3 version will have a garage and 2 parking spots for cars.  In the Sims 4 version, since there are no cars, will feature a 4th bedroom.

That's all I have for now! Check back later for on-going updates to all the WIPs I have.

Happy Simming!

Sunday, September 28, 2014

Coming Soon! HGTV Dream Home 2015

If there's one thing I love it's HGTV and they've started showing the new Dream Home for 2015.  I decided to start building this home in Sims 3 and Sims 4.  Here's a variant of the Dream Home for Sims 4.  Sadly, since tile selections are so limited it's a little less Cape Cod and more basic.  But I still like this overall look. I have the interiors to do on this home.

The Sims 3 home I have the shell up and since I have more textures to choose from I think the Sims 3 home will actually look more like the HGTV Dream Home than the Sims 4 house does.  But since it's just the shell I don't have a picture to show for it.  But here's a reference picture of the real Dream Home:

And last, just because I can and because I thought her expression was funny, here's a pic of my mommy-sims in Sims 4 playing "sea creature" with her kids.

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Sims 4 WIP

I'm working on another build for Sims 4.  And don't worry, I still plan to pop back in to Sims 3 to finish the two WIPs I've been sharing here.

Personally, (and off-topic) I prefer building in Sims 3 so much more.  Seriously.  Playing Sims 4 and building makes me miss Sims 3.  Part of it is that I'm so used to Sims 3 but an equal part of that is that the devs behind Sims 4 limited a lot of the things I enjoyed... like using the cheat moveobjects... I've said it before, I know, but I just can't get over how a basic cheat such as that didn't migrate to the new game.

Anyway, I'll be getting back to you on my Sims 3 WIPs eventually.  Here's a gothic Victorian I'm trying to build in Sims 4:

One of the frustrations I have with Sims 4 in regards to this build is the ability to not use the end wall coverings where I want them.  Sims 4 auto-places the corner wall pieces with the brick accents.  In Sims 3 I could choose where to place them and it looks much better, too.

Enough complaining though, I'm seriously trying to enjoy Sims 4, I promise. :)

Happy Simming!

Monday, September 15, 2014

NEW Sims 4 Home

Hello all,

Now that The Sims 4 is out, I have a home I'd love to share.  I'm still learning and practicing building homes in Sims 4 but my recent home I feel good about sharing here with some pics.  This is the 2nd home I've build in Sims 4, but the first one I'm sharing on my blog.  And, silly me, I didn't change the name of the lot so the home uses the name of the lot I built it on.  The home was built on the Potter's Splay lot in Willow Creek.

There is no 3rd part CC and the home is mostly furnished, only the 2 smaller bedrooms are left empty for customization.  Everything else is provided for and the home has been play-tested, though there's not really a need for play-testing since there's no moveobjects cheat in Sims 4. (shakes fist at EA)

This post is picture-heavy, beware.  And I'm still trying to grasp picture-taking in game, so my shots may not be the best. And you can click on the images to enlarge them.

These first shots are the different times of day:

Here are the over-head interior shots showing the lay out:

 And interior shots of the home:

Picture of the back of the house, which offers a gardening space, picnic table and grill for some light outdoor entertainment:

To download this home, see my first home I created that really isn't my best (LoL) and to see some sims I've created, you can find my creations in the Gallery in-game if you search for PEACHES327.

Please be sure to leave a comment or "like" the item. :D

Happy Simming!

Thursday, August 14, 2014

Rustic and Tudor Home WIPs

I've shared both of these in older posts, but I have started working on them again since I've gotten around to simming again.

The first is the Tudor-style home:

And I've started on the interior:

And last, the rustic home, with the outside pretty complete and no work started on the interior just yet.

The rustic lot will feature a pond with fishing spawners and 2-story decks.

That's all for now, thanks for checking in!

Happy Simming! ~Peaches

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

NEW! - Riverview Salon & Spa AND Ms. Pettigrew's Peculiars

New to My Studio!

Riverview Salon & Spa

This is a 3rd party CC FREE community lot for your Riverview sims!  Features a salon on the main floor and a spa area and bathrooms on the second floor.  The third floor is vacant but could be used if stairs are added.

This lot was built on 50 Long Island Drive in Riverview but this lot will fit on any 30x20 lot you have free in any world.

I used store items and expansion pack items and would recommend the following for this lot to function:
Ambitions EP, Roaring Heights World (available through The Store) Sunlit Tides World (available through The Store.) and the Prism Glass Venue (I used the glass items sims create and the L-shaped stairs.)

Ms. Pettigrew's Peculiars is the second community lot I built for Riverview, built on 50 Long Island Drive.  Ms. Pettigrew's is next door to the salon.

Ms. Pettigrew's is an old historic home converted to a consignment shop for sims.  This lot contains store items and mainly items from the Ambitions and Supernatural expansions.  There is No 3rd party CC in this house.

Both lots have been play-tested and both provide vacant 3rd floors for expanding should simmers wish to add more.

And onto the pictures!  The first set of pics is for the Salon:

These are some interior pics of the consignment store:

I apologize for the rotten angles, but the game was glitching out and getting pixelated every time I tried to use the camera.  I'll have to check my game settings before taking pics on the next upload.

As always, thanks for visiting my blog, especially after my long absence. :)

Happy Simming!