Tuesday, July 31, 2012

The Polls

A minor note about the polls:
First, I'm so glad to have people come on to vote.  It's very cool to get some feedback about our Simming!

Second, in the recent poll, I left KPST out of the running because I don't consider it a true Stuff Pack.  To me, it's a "Bonus Pack" as it seems to be a continuation of themed content that was left out of Showtime. (And in my honest opinion, it should have been included at no additional cost.)

Anyway, of the two that actually selected the option "Why wasn't KPST added??" please make a comment to this post.

 Oooh! It just got all mysterious in here, didn't it?  "Why am I asking for a comment from those two voters?" You ask? Well, you're not in trouble! (Quite the contrary) But I can't risk saying why yet.  But if you post a comment to this, please include your Sims 3 official screen name for me.

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Coming Soon - Martinque

I have a WIP to share, although I think it'll be a few days yet before it's ready.  This one is based on a floor plan a requester provided and is a pretty detailed build.

The home will contain CC but no store content.  And all EPs/SPs up to Showtime will be used in creating this home.

This is a 4BR/4BA home with a spacious walk-out basement.  There is lots of space to furnish in this home so it'll be time-consuming to do the interior.  I'm nearly done with landscaping and I think tomorrow I'll be able to move to designing the interior.

I will keep you posted, folks.

Happy Simming

Monday, July 23, 2012

SimAngel's Build Competition

There are only about 5 days until our competition is closed.  I thought I'd post a final quick invitation to those who may be interested in a generous prize pool.

There is over 5,000 Sim Points that will be gifted in the form of Wish List items up for grabs and you only have to build your version of a home that we provide.  A BIG THANK YOU to blunote00 for her generous sponsorship to this competition.

For details on this build competition, you can visit the thread in Gift Gathering.  If you cannot compete whether you don't feel like you can build or there's a time crunch, please support those that have competed by taking a moment to Rec their creations for their hard work and view what neat things they created out of the floor plan we provided.

There are some amazing entries already, and I hope in the coming  days to see more.  Please join in!


Friday, July 20, 2012

Ashton - A Traditional Family Home

Hi Y'All!

Another home is available via MediaFire & The Exchange.

Quick-View Details:

  • 3 BR/2.5 BA
  • CC Free
  • Contains Store Content
  • Built on74 Landgraab Avenue in Sunset Valley
  • Furnished: 128,102 Simoleans
  • Unfurnished: 73,813 Simoleans

List of Store Content Used:

  • Province Set
  • Edwardian Expressions Kitchen Set
  • Glitter & Glam Bedroom Set
  • Eri Silk Drapes
  • Cartsville
  • Happenin' Hamper
  • Dreamy Dryer
  • Rahul's Josher Washer
  • Venerable Vellum Volume Vault
  • Kinetic Kollider Table Light
  • Tiny Youths Alarm Clock
  • Shaker Single Bed
  • Chester's Drawers
  • Vaindenburger Sofa & Chair
  • Gothique Relics
  • Wall Mount Towel Stackomatic
  • Lollypop Lollygagger Chair
  • Double Frame Photo
  • Secret Sonny
  • Miss Mystery
  • Exotic Pineapple Light
  • Ritzy Taste Coffee Table

Whew! That should cover the Store Content.

**ALL EPs/SPs up to Showtime are required.**

Please note: I place 2 Ambitions picture frames in the home, the pictures may not populate on their own.  If you get the default picture of scribbles, then click on the picture(s) in Live Mode, select "View Images" and select to show the stored image.

For more pictures of this lot, please view my YouTube Video Showcase.

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Now Available - Ventura

Ventura is a 5 BR/ 2.5 BA house.  1 bedroom is vacant for downloaders to customize as they see fit.  Features include a waterfall pool, pond, outdoor living space and a private Master Suite located on the 3rd floor with its own private balcony

  • Contains CC
  • Store Content Free
  • Built on 464 Shoreline Point in Starlight Shores
CC from the following creators was used:

  • Mutske
  • JomSim
  • Roan_
  • Pixel Goodies/ShannaSims
  • Ung999
  • PralineSims
  • Denizzo_ist
  • HolySimoly
You can download this home via MediaFire only.  As usual, a YouTube Showcase is available to watch.

**You can download a CC Free & Store Content Free version of this home via The Exchange.  You will find minor alterations between this version and the original CC version.

Happy Simming!

Monday, July 16, 2012

Coming Soon - Ventura

Thought I'd give a quick teaser/update on a home that should be ready tomorrow. 

It will contain CC but no Store Content and no Stuff Packs.

However, I do plan to make a CC-free version available as well for those who simply don't want the CC.

Both versions of the home will be available through MediaFire only.  The CC-free version will be available through MediaFire and My Studio.


Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Deuces Wild Club & Casino

Another community lot for Lucky Palms is available.  This time I made a night/dance club since a town similar to Vegas didn't really have any nightlife spots.

So, Deuces Wild provides a Late Night atmosphere with the Lucky Palms gambling.  There is a mixologist bar, karaoke machine, dance floor, slot machines and blackjack tables.

This lot is CC Free but contains the following Store items:

Lucky Palms World*
Lucky Palms Casino*
Lucky N' Loveseat
Pierre Alto Bubblicious Floor Lamp
City Never Sleeps (artwork)
Au Courant Stool**
Chilly Chair**

* = Recommended for best functionality
** = Dr. Pepper items/Free items

For best results, place lot on 52 Golf Links Lane in Lucky Palms and change the lot type to "Dance Club" 

I have a YouTube Video Showcase for this lot.

Deuces Wild Club & Casino is available for download through MediaFire & The Exchange.
Please DL/Rec/Fav if you like the new community lot.

Thank you for visiting! Happy Simming!

Monday, July 9, 2012

3 New Community Lots for Lucky Palms

Good Morning, World!

I have three new lots to share this morning:Lucky 7 Salon, Flop, Turn & River Consginment, and the Lucky Palms Fire Department.  Beware: This post is picture-heavy!  I chose to not make a video for these lots.

Lucky 7 Salon has an intimate set-up in the interior with only 2 make-up tables.  There is sitting room available for those that wait to be served.  Tattoos are available on the second floor of the building as an extension to the salon.

There is 1 CAP Pattern from TnT_Terry that was used in this lot. But no other custom content was used.

Store Content:

  • Look to the West Window
  • Viva Las Vegas Living
  • Lucky Palms World

All EPs/SPs up to Showtime are required.
Place on 71 Lake Access Road in Lucky Palms for best results.

The next lot is the Flop, Turn & River Consignment. This shop has many little odds and ends for sale, decor and furniture on the first floor, clothing and artwork on the second floor.

Store Content: 
  • Cyber Creeping Vine
  • Silence is Godlen Box
  • Winner's Spot
  • Koonzilla
  • Reed Basket
  • Remember the Roar Wall Art
  • Stoic Giraffe
  • Peter's Safari Mobile
  • Gothique Cushion & Pearls
  • Grecian Towels

ALL EPs/SPs up to Showtime are required.
Place on 70 Lake Access Road in Lucky Palms for best results.

Last of all, Lucky Palms' Fire Department.  This lot contains NO Store Content but has 1 CAP Pattern by Pepper090889.

1 Free Store item was used: Modern HDTV by Webbsta Ind.

Required EPs: Ambitions & Showtime
REquired SPs: HELs

Place on 28 Civic Circle in Lucky Palms for best results.

 All 3 lots are CC Free

You can download/Rec/Fav these community lots from My Studio

Thank you, Y'all!

Sunday, July 8, 2012

New! Larkspur

Larkspur is a 3BR/2.5BA home with  bonus space.  Providing ample room for a growing/grown family, this home provides all the basic needs your sims need.  There is room in the empty bonus space to add any additions you may need and there is empty back yard space to any outdoor living activities your sims want.

This home contains 1 store item, the Perfect Privacy Screen.

*This home also contains Transferable and Non-Transferable CC*

Larkspur is available to download through MediaFire only due to file size.  It has also been fully play-tested and checked through Custard.  Please be aware, although the CC worked in my game, I cannot guarantee that it will function properly in your game.  I can guarantee the CC is not corrupted or broken.

Please be sure to download the following CC first, as it is Non-Transferable:

Here is a list of CC that comes included in the download:

  • Wall Decals by LilyoftheValley
  • Square Dining Table and Chairs by LilyoftheValley
  • Oncidium Orchis & Hydrangea Plant by LilyoftheValley
  • Wood/stone/abstract Patterns by Ung999
  • Themed Pattern by Zhaana
  • Federal Window Add-Ons by MissyZim
  • Arizona Sofa Living by holysimoly.com
  • Living Wilton Wicker Set by Mutske
  • Kitchen Clutter by Mutske
  • Sutton Window Planter by Mutske
  • Bangor Kitchen Cabinets by Mutske
  • Miscellaneous Decor by Mutske
  • Rustico Dining by Murano
  • Paintings by Ziggy28

I created anotherYouTube Video Showcase for the home.  Please take a moment to "Like" the video if you like the home in lieu of "Rec's" from The Exchange.

Thanks for your support!

Friday, July 6, 2012

Progress Report

So, I have an update to my competition build.  If you remember, I told you not too long about about a build competition being held over at The Simmer's Society.

Here's my progress:

As you can see, a good portion of my interior contains CC patterns and furniture/build items.  I love CC.  If EA made this stuff I'd be 10 times more addicted to The Sims. Seriously.

Anyway, I usually don't show my work as it's in progress, but I figure since this is a competition build I can show you as I go.

Speaking of competitions, there is one being held by my build team over in Gift Gathering section of the official forums.  Check it out and see if you want to participate - there's great incentive thanks to Blunote00's generous sponsorship.

Have a Great Weekend!

Thursday, July 5, 2012

New! Chaumont - An 'Old World' Home

Hello Again!

I have another build to share with you. This one (built by request) is available through MediaFire and The Exchange.

This home is, what I call, a Mini-Mansion.  With only 2 bedrooms, one master and one nursery, and 1 full bath, this home still manages to provide what a beginning family needs to live in comfort.

*CC Free
*Contains Store Content:

  • Edwardian Expressions Kitchen (set)
  • Regal Living Bath, Kitchen and Bedroom (sets)
  • Harvest Time
  • Forest Curtains
  • Boeuf Gras Dining Chair
  • Old Town Dining Table
  • Fresh Farm Sink
  • Festoon to the Honeymoon
  • Grecian Towels
  • Gothique Painting
  • Oval Gothique
  • Khmer Rug
  • Athena's Olive Tree
  • Velvet Seclusion
  • Not So Private Study Door
  • Shh! It's A Library Door
  • Handicraft Column

*Please Note: Showtime EP is NOT necessary for this home to function. I used the Dark Ash Tree from Build mode which is why the Exchange says that Showtime is required,  however, it's not.  The game will simply populate a (most likely) Base-game tree if you do not have Showtime.

1 CAP Pattern by Blue Murder was used. (It'll be hard to spot in the home but I used it on the Khmer Rug)

I was able to successfully make a video showcase for this home, so please take a moment to Watch The Video.

Thank you for looking
~Happy Simming ~

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Marco - A Modern Home

Due to problems with uploading to the Exchange, this home is only available through MediaFire.

This home is 4BR/3.5BA, 3 story home.  There is a walk-out/daylight basement with direct access to the pool and outdoor entertainment area.  And in the basement there is a "Man Cave" for your male sims to escape from their sim-missus.

This home is CC Free & Store Content Free.
There are no SPs required and the only EPs required are Ambitions and Pets.

Two bedrooms are completely furnished, the third is sort of a guest room with light furnishing and the fourth is empty for customization.

Though I did not provide the supplies, I did keep in mind the possibile addition of pets and there should be room for downloaders to add these things if they wish.

Also, (this seems to not be my day) I tried to make a video but in the saving process, my movie maker program decided to crash.  So, we're settling for Old School here, and you'll find pics of the house below.

(Images can by enlarged by clicking on them)

As always, I appreciate the support and the time you take to view my blog.  Have a Happy Fourth of July (to those Americans out there) and have a Great Day!


Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Coming Soon!

4BR/2.5BA Modern home will be uploaded within 24 hours.

This is made by request with Ambitions and Pets in mind, and I will have some spare space for those with other EPs/SPs to add their touches to the home.

Any ideas for a name for the home?  I get so stumped with naming moderns......

Off to finish this house!
Happy Simming, Y'All ~ Peaches