Tuesday, July 31, 2012

The Polls

A minor note about the polls:
First, I'm so glad to have people come on to vote.  It's very cool to get some feedback about our Simming!

Second, in the recent poll, I left KPST out of the running because I don't consider it a true Stuff Pack.  To me, it's a "Bonus Pack" as it seems to be a continuation of themed content that was left out of Showtime. (And in my honest opinion, it should have been included at no additional cost.)

Anyway, of the two that actually selected the option "Why wasn't KPST added??" please make a comment to this post.

 Oooh! It just got all mysterious in here, didn't it?  "Why am I asking for a comment from those two voters?" You ask? Well, you're not in trouble! (Quite the contrary) But I can't risk saying why yet.  But if you post a comment to this, please include your Sims 3 official screen name for me.

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