Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Marco - A Modern Home

Due to problems with uploading to the Exchange, this home is only available through MediaFire.

This home is 4BR/3.5BA, 3 story home.  There is a walk-out/daylight basement with direct access to the pool and outdoor entertainment area.  And in the basement there is a "Man Cave" for your male sims to escape from their sim-missus.

This home is CC Free & Store Content Free.
There are no SPs required and the only EPs required are Ambitions and Pets.

Two bedrooms are completely furnished, the third is sort of a guest room with light furnishing and the fourth is empty for customization.

Though I did not provide the supplies, I did keep in mind the possibile addition of pets and there should be room for downloaders to add these things if they wish.

Also, (this seems to not be my day) I tried to make a video but in the saving process, my movie maker program decided to crash.  So, we're settling for Old School here, and you'll find pics of the house below.

(Images can by enlarged by clicking on them)

As always, I appreciate the support and the time you take to view my blog.  Have a Happy Fourth of July (to those Americans out there) and have a Great Day!


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