Sunday, July 8, 2012

New! Larkspur

Larkspur is a 3BR/2.5BA home with  bonus space.  Providing ample room for a growing/grown family, this home provides all the basic needs your sims need.  There is room in the empty bonus space to add any additions you may need and there is empty back yard space to any outdoor living activities your sims want.

This home contains 1 store item, the Perfect Privacy Screen.

*This home also contains Transferable and Non-Transferable CC*

Larkspur is available to download through MediaFire only due to file size.  It has also been fully play-tested and checked through Custard.  Please be aware, although the CC worked in my game, I cannot guarantee that it will function properly in your game.  I can guarantee the CC is not corrupted or broken.

Please be sure to download the following CC first, as it is Non-Transferable:

Here is a list of CC that comes included in the download:

  • Wall Decals by LilyoftheValley
  • Square Dining Table and Chairs by LilyoftheValley
  • Oncidium Orchis & Hydrangea Plant by LilyoftheValley
  • Wood/stone/abstract Patterns by Ung999
  • Themed Pattern by Zhaana
  • Federal Window Add-Ons by MissyZim
  • Arizona Sofa Living by
  • Living Wilton Wicker Set by Mutske
  • Kitchen Clutter by Mutske
  • Sutton Window Planter by Mutske
  • Bangor Kitchen Cabinets by Mutske
  • Miscellaneous Decor by Mutske
  • Rustico Dining by Murano
  • Paintings by Ziggy28

I created anotherYouTube Video Showcase for the home.  Please take a moment to "Like" the video if you like the home in lieu of "Rec's" from The Exchange.

Thanks for your support!

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