Friday, July 20, 2012

Ashton - A Traditional Family Home

Hi Y'All!

Another home is available via MediaFire & The Exchange.

Quick-View Details:

  • 3 BR/2.5 BA
  • CC Free
  • Contains Store Content
  • Built on74 Landgraab Avenue in Sunset Valley
  • Furnished: 128,102 Simoleans
  • Unfurnished: 73,813 Simoleans

List of Store Content Used:

  • Province Set
  • Edwardian Expressions Kitchen Set
  • Glitter & Glam Bedroom Set
  • Eri Silk Drapes
  • Cartsville
  • Happenin' Hamper
  • Dreamy Dryer
  • Rahul's Josher Washer
  • Venerable Vellum Volume Vault
  • Kinetic Kollider Table Light
  • Tiny Youths Alarm Clock
  • Shaker Single Bed
  • Chester's Drawers
  • Vaindenburger Sofa & Chair
  • Gothique Relics
  • Wall Mount Towel Stackomatic
  • Lollypop Lollygagger Chair
  • Double Frame Photo
  • Secret Sonny
  • Miss Mystery
  • Exotic Pineapple Light
  • Ritzy Taste Coffee Table

Whew! That should cover the Store Content.

**ALL EPs/SPs up to Showtime are required.**

Please note: I place 2 Ambitions picture frames in the home, the pictures may not populate on their own.  If you get the default picture of scribbles, then click on the picture(s) in Live Mode, select "View Images" and select to show the stored image.

For more pictures of this lot, please view my YouTube Video Showcase.

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