Thursday, July 5, 2012

New! Chaumont - An 'Old World' Home

Hello Again!

I have another build to share with you. This one (built by request) is available through MediaFire and The Exchange.

This home is, what I call, a Mini-Mansion.  With only 2 bedrooms, one master and one nursery, and 1 full bath, this home still manages to provide what a beginning family needs to live in comfort.

*CC Free
*Contains Store Content:

  • Edwardian Expressions Kitchen (set)
  • Regal Living Bath, Kitchen and Bedroom (sets)
  • Harvest Time
  • Forest Curtains
  • Boeuf Gras Dining Chair
  • Old Town Dining Table
  • Fresh Farm Sink
  • Festoon to the Honeymoon
  • Grecian Towels
  • Gothique Painting
  • Oval Gothique
  • Khmer Rug
  • Athena's Olive Tree
  • Velvet Seclusion
  • Not So Private Study Door
  • Shh! It's A Library Door
  • Handicraft Column

*Please Note: Showtime EP is NOT necessary for this home to function. I used the Dark Ash Tree from Build mode which is why the Exchange says that Showtime is required,  however, it's not.  The game will simply populate a (most likely) Base-game tree if you do not have Showtime.

1 CAP Pattern by Blue Murder was used. (It'll be hard to spot in the home but I used it on the Khmer Rug)

I was able to successfully make a video showcase for this home, so please take a moment to Watch The Video.

Thank you for looking
~Happy Simming ~


  1. It's gorgeous!! Rec'd and fav'd. I LOVE it ;)

  2. Looks gorgeous - well done!

    --Wibble :)