Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Long Time, No See

It has been a long while since I've blogged, let alone finished a build worth sharing on the Sims 3 Exchange....

Real life has been really busy the past, hmm, say 5 months.  We bought a house, got to see it built from the ground up, moved, unpacked, had family vacation and now that summer is starting to get into swing, I feel like there's time (and a desire) to build in Sims 3 again.

Yesterday, I actually got my first inspired idea in a long time, which is a good sign, and began building a log cabin in Appaloosa.

I can't say exactly how much of it I'll be finishing, but I will finish it enough to go on the Exchange.  So far, it's a 4 bedroom house with ample living space.  It's placed on one of the existing 50x50 lots in Appaloosa.

In being away from the game, I'm surprised to see all the updates and the new content in the store and new content headed our way with that new expansion about vacationing.  And about the news about Sims 4.  Mind. Blown.

Because Sims 4 is coming out next year (right?) and Sims 3 is starting to (in my opinion) die down since they've cranked out all the EPs and SPs so close together the last year, I'm thinking I really won't be buying much more of the content unless I hear it's "That Great" or if I find it on sale.  Personally, I'm already ready for Sims 4.

I feel like Sims 3 was the Windows Vista of Microsoft and when Windows 7 hit, it fixed all the problems that were wrong with Vista.  My hopes are kind of on Sims 4 in much the same way.  All the things that bothered me or was frustrating with Sims 3, I'm hoping are all fixed or improved on with Sims 4.  I'm actually interested in opinions, so for the first time in ages I'm going to change the poll to ask about Sims 4.

Anyway, I'm off to build a bit I guess. Wish me luck.