Thursday, August 14, 2014

Rustic and Tudor Home WIPs

I've shared both of these in older posts, but I have started working on them again since I've gotten around to simming again.

The first is the Tudor-style home:

And I've started on the interior:

And last, the rustic home, with the outside pretty complete and no work started on the interior just yet.

The rustic lot will feature a pond with fishing spawners and 2-story decks.

That's all for now, thanks for checking in!

Happy Simming! ~Peaches

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

NEW! - Riverview Salon & Spa AND Ms. Pettigrew's Peculiars

New to My Studio!

Riverview Salon & Spa

This is a 3rd party CC FREE community lot for your Riverview sims!  Features a salon on the main floor and a spa area and bathrooms on the second floor.  The third floor is vacant but could be used if stairs are added.

This lot was built on 50 Long Island Drive in Riverview but this lot will fit on any 30x20 lot you have free in any world.

I used store items and expansion pack items and would recommend the following for this lot to function:
Ambitions EP, Roaring Heights World (available through The Store) Sunlit Tides World (available through The Store.) and the Prism Glass Venue (I used the glass items sims create and the L-shaped stairs.)

Ms. Pettigrew's Peculiars is the second community lot I built for Riverview, built on 50 Long Island Drive.  Ms. Pettigrew's is next door to the salon.

Ms. Pettigrew's is an old historic home converted to a consignment shop for sims.  This lot contains store items and mainly items from the Ambitions and Supernatural expansions.  There is No 3rd party CC in this house.

Both lots have been play-tested and both provide vacant 3rd floors for expanding should simmers wish to add more.

And onto the pictures!  The first set of pics is for the Salon:

These are some interior pics of the consignment store:

I apologize for the rotten angles, but the game was glitching out and getting pixelated every time I tried to use the camera.  I'll have to check my game settings before taking pics on the next upload.

As always, thanks for visiting my blog, especially after my long absence. :)

Happy Simming!

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Coming Soon - Ms. Pettigrew's Peculiars

I dug up an old build and decided to finish it after months of being away from Sims 3.  As soon as I do some finishing touches and get some in-game shots I will upload this lot to My Studio.

A new consignment shop for Riverview (or any of your towns) will feature an array of furniture new to old, knickknacks and odd items for the strange.

There is an accessible attic space for extra room or for player to add in more quirky items. 

There will be No CC but a random use of Store Content in this lot.  I would recommend that for the architecture decor to be accurate that downloaders have Midnight Hollow.

Check back soon for the link to this lot and for another upcoming item!

Happy Simming!