Monday, May 28, 2012

Taking The Poll

As many of you have noticed, I set up a poll to ask what your favorite style of home is; majority of voters said moderns were more their style.

I'm not surprised to see this in the lead.  Moderns show well in the Sims 3 game.  Moderns have a touch of the un-real in their designs, and they're innovative.  So, it's logical to me that they'd be "The" most popular style.

Personally, I'm a classy girl with classical style, I'm an uber-fan of Craftsman style homes, second to that are beach homes.

For those who haven't voted, cast it now! You only have a couple of days before the poll closes.

And I will be adding a new poll to replace it, so keep your eyes peeled, Dear Readers!

Happy Simming!

Sunday, May 27, 2012


Well, I have 2 more works-in-progress to share with y'all.  These are on top of the other two I showed a week or so back... two weeks, maybe?

Anway, I'm still wanting to finish the other two, I just haven't the drive.  Plus, I'm still working on a request, which come before my personal builds out of courtesy.

So, this first WIP is the request I'm fulfilling.  It's been smooth sailing - which makes the task of building on someone's request so much easier!

This home is meant to be derivative from this home:

However, those windows in the pic above can't be matched through CC or what the game provides, plus the entry to the home is more basic.  Whereas, in the pic above you see that the entry was strangely placed on the 2nd floor and was nearly bridge-like.  Which didn't look right in the game, nor did it seem as functional was what I created.

To create privacy to the poolside area, I placed a fence around it, but the pool is there.  I think the major draw to this lot will be the 2-story windows that keep the living space open.  This home (if you haven't figured it out already) will contain CC.

This next home was me just playing around - but I like it so I'll likely finish it up.  Although I haven't decided if I'll completely decorate and furnish the interior or not, I will at least finish out the landscaping.  I plan to make this one store free and CC free.

Now that I'm looking at the picture again, I may change some exterior things.  I'm not sure if I'm set on the windows used on the garage wall (Generations windows on far right).

Ta, for now kiddos.  Happy Simming!

Friday, May 25, 2012

Now Available - West Hills

West Hills, a modern mansion, is now available in my studio.  As usual, this home was built upon request and features the needs a simmer has to start her 100 Baby Challenge.

The home features seven bedrooms and 4.5 bathrooms.  There is a bedroom for each age group and for each boy and girl.  The nursery boasts all toddler needs and has 2 cribs.  There is ample space for sims to roam and there's an additional entertainment area on the 2nd floor where the bedrooms are located.

The home is CC Free but does contain store items from the Animals Abound set.

I also created a video that showcases the lot, in lieu of posting a bunch of pictures here.  I'm testing out the video-making, so I'm not sure if I will always do it or even continue to do so.  It is time-consuming to make the videos.  But I'd love feedback on a yes/no on the videos because if people like them then I'll make a point to make them.

Here's a video showcase for West Hills.

You can also view this on my youtube page (which I recommend over the video above for quality purposes) where I provide an annotation that shows the DL Link:

For some reason, loading the youtube video directly wasn't working.

You can download West Hills Here.  Please Rec/Fav if you like it.

Happy Simming!

Saturday, May 19, 2012

Coming Soon! West Hills

Another Modern will soon be added to my studio.  This one is rather large, and though I'm having problems settling on how the interior layout will be, I'm extremely pleased with the exterior, which is pretty much complete.

This home is another request I'm filling.  It is meant to have 7 (yes, seven) bedrooms and additional space for a music/art room.  Really, building houses over four bedrooms is tough for me because lay-outs become such a challenge at that point.  The reason it becomes challenging is simply because of the time it takes a sim to get from point A to B.  Since a second in real time is a minute in Sim's world, if it takes them 30 seconds of real time to walk from the basement to their bedroom on the third floor, that's thirty minutes of Sim's time. Which, realistically, that's a long walk just to get to your bedroom!

So, to try and shave down the time, a builder minimizes this by creative construction and keeping builds within reasonable sizes.  When you have to create so many bedrooms, keeping a house "reasonably sized" becomes difficult.  Nonetheless, I aim to please.   So I'm hoping after I figure out the layout and play-test the home, that traveling the house doesn't consume a sim's day.

If you have ideas or opinions on the home, please share!

Happy Simming!

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Key West - Now Available

Key West is my newest Ultra Modern lot built by request.  This home has 4 bedrooms, plus an additional nursery off the master, outdoor space and pool and features a unique floor plan.

Key West is CC Free but includes store content.
EP Content: WA, AMB, GEN, PETS, LN, ST
SP Content: OL, HELS, TL

Store Content used in this lot:

Nature's Blades (free)
Sippin Succulents (free)
Learn Your Sim-E Zees (free)
Palm In Vase
NeoRetro Chair
Aurora Lush Style Sconce
Nordi Chop
Big Cheese Coat Rack
Cyber Creeping Vine
Practical Al's Kitchen Cart
BahHaus Set (full)

Please Download/Favorite/Recommend if you like it

Thank you for the support and Happy Simming!

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

A Mediterranean, Modern & Southwestern -- Oh My!

Just a quick update since it's been awhile.  I've been off on vacation, and though I'm technically still on it, I had time to update the blog with a few pics.

Here's what I'm currently working on:

This is something that should look familiar, my progress on it is slow but sure.  Since this home is for me, I'm building it when I get free time or when the requests I work on stump me creatively.  I'm excited to share this one as soon as I'm able since I'm really proud of the layout and the design of it.  This home is a classical, Mediterranean home.

This is a modern home that I'm working on by request and I'm trying to get it done since the requester's been waiting some time with me being on vacation.  I hope that once Vacation time is over, I'll be able to knock this out.

This is a Southwestern style home, all one level and will use the Fiesta store set and the Hacienda Luxury set.  This is another build that I'm creating purely for myself, so again, I'm building in between my other projects. :P  Who knows when I'll finish this one - but I know it will get finished, Friends.

So that's my update for now.  I hope everyone has a great rest-of-the-week.  I'm off to enjoy the rest of my vacation.

Happy Simming!

Tuesday, May 8, 2012


I am attemptingto update the look of my blog, so you may see (or should already see) some changes in the next coming days.

I'm hoping that the lay-out and custom designs will encourage more followers and make visiting more fun.

One change you may already noticed is I added a custom image to the top of the blog.  Those homes and community lots you see are all my Sims 3 creations, they are not pictures of homes or some website dawddle I found.  

I thought I'd share the original with you so you could see the details.  All of these lots are currently available in my Studio, I will gladly provide direct links of where to find these should any of you dear readers want to add these to your game.

Until next time, stay safe, have fun and Happy Simming!

Monday, May 7, 2012

Coming Soon!

So I have 2 sims I hope to upload to the Exchange soon.  They are both made with CC, and one of them has a store item outfit.

The first is Gemma.  I've been trying to upload her for about a week now with no success.

She was made with Showtime in mind, and will be good for any kind of Showtime performer act. I really loved her and I love the outfits I made for her.  But. She. Just. Won't. Upload. !!! Arg.

This next one is Brownie.  You could take a wild guess that her favorite color's brown, thus her name and the shade of her clothing. ;-)
She is shy and a loner so she'd be good as a single sim in a home.  I just finished making her today, but I had the same problems trying to get her to upload as I'm having with getting Gemma to work.

Soooooooo..... I don't know when they'll make it (if ever) to the Exchange.  But if the Exchange doesn't work then I'll upload them in mediafire.

Happy Monday!

Friday, May 4, 2012

New! Gables, A Rainbowcy Home

This home was built on request so if you download this, just be aware I used colors that the requester asked for and you may find it very purple.  But in the same respect I did try to keep it all toned-down so nothing outrageously bright but still in keeping with what the requester wanted.

This home is a traditional styled home, with 3 bedrooms and 2.5 bathrooms.  There's a paddock for one horse, and a dying vegetable garden in back that needs some TLC.  The layout and style is a little simplistic and nothing too outrageously expensive used in the home as I tried to decorate around the idea that the homes somewhat dilapidated, and the lady of the house has passed away.

Click on pictures to view in larger formats.

This home is CC FREE and STORE FREE.  Only EPs/SPs are needed for this lot to function. So DL'ing should be a cinch!
  Download Gables

Please don't forget to D/R/F if you like it.

Happy Simming!

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Coming Soon -- Villa Sabina, A Mediterranean Home

I'm working on a new home that I'd like to share with you.

Since I got Showtime for an early Mother's Day present, I've been discovering the build and buy options that I'm excited to use in my new Starlight Shores home.

I may change exterior colors, I'm not sure, but I like the dark wood and the warm tones of the stone and stucco.  Store content will be used in this house, but it will be CC free.  Store sets I have in mind to use is the Fabulous Fiesta and Hacienda Luxury.  I've already used doors and windows from the latter set (as you can see) so it'll be a must to at least have the Hacienda Luxury.

I plan to make a lot of outdoor space, pool and hot tub area.  And maybe even a vegetable garden so this home will be perfect for the green thumb and outdoors-y sims. 

Happy Simming, Ya'll!