Monday, May 7, 2012

Coming Soon!

So I have 2 sims I hope to upload to the Exchange soon.  They are both made with CC, and one of them has a store item outfit.

The first is Gemma.  I've been trying to upload her for about a week now with no success.

She was made with Showtime in mind, and will be good for any kind of Showtime performer act. I really loved her and I love the outfits I made for her.  But. She. Just. Won't. Upload. !!! Arg.

This next one is Brownie.  You could take a wild guess that her favorite color's brown, thus her name and the shade of her clothing. ;-)
She is shy and a loner so she'd be good as a single sim in a home.  I just finished making her today, but I had the same problems trying to get her to upload as I'm having with getting Gemma to work.

Soooooooo..... I don't know when they'll make it (if ever) to the Exchange.  But if the Exchange doesn't work then I'll upload them in mediafire.

Happy Monday!

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