Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Vermilion - Available for Download

My newest creation is now available:

This is a 3 bedroom, 3.5 bath Modern home with plenty of luxurious living to spare.  This home features a 2-car garage, Music/Art space, formal living with a grand piano, master suite with fireplace, and digital aquariums in the dining area and living area.  The color palate of this house is bright and a little retro in style - I went out on a limb with the colors on this house, but I really think they work.  I hope you all like it as well.

**This lot is 3rd-party CC/Pattern Free!**

Ample store content was used in this lot.  I used items from the following sets:
- BahHaus
- Ultra Lounge Bedroom/Living
- Collectionne Stancke
- Surf, Sun & Sand Sleep
- Contemporary Comfort Bedroom
- Mid-Century Fantasy Living

Individual items from The Store that I used are as follows:
I Love Me Mirror
Mirror, Mirror
Reach for the Heavens
Gothique Relics
Lemon Lime Tradition Painting
Coco Counter
Oceania Orb Lantern
Aurora LushStyle Sconce
Boxception Pendant Light
Grecian Chair
Haute Hip Floral Painting
Haute Hip Bookshelf
Woven Wicker Trunk
The Dramatic Palm
Regency Palm **May need to have the Regency Arcade for this item - couldn't find it for individual sale.

Premium Content used:
Uber Sani-Sim Toilet
Warbling Windchimes

That should include everything.  :)

Please Download/Rec/Favorite !!
Dowload Link:
Vermilion Luxury Modern

Saturday, December 17, 2011


Here's some more pics showing progress on my latest WIP.  If any of you can think of what I should call this house, please do share. :D
I'm at a loss what to call it for now.  On to the pics!

Friday, December 16, 2011

Not related to building ... but ....

So just warning anyone who's browsing forums about another Troll to watch out for.  I've been reporting her for some time, to no effect (Thanks EA for being so on top of it all).

She goes under the name RhenX3.  So please, don't feed the trolls. ;-)

Monday, December 12, 2011

Smooth Sailing

After a busy weekend, I jumped on Sims today and added a little more to my WIP.  Here's some sneak peeks into the back yard and the outdoor area.

How do you think it's coming along?

Saturday, December 10, 2011

Picture-Spam Time!

Just one little pic showing the update to my recent WIP.  I'm very satisfied with it so far - hope you are, too!

Happy Simming, y'all!

Friday, December 9, 2011

Stumped on a modern request

I'm fulfilling another request, this time for a modern with 3 bedrooms and everything on a larger scale than the last.  Moderns are actually NOT a strong-point so for me personally, I really have to push my creativity to make them.  So here's what I've got so far:

Unlike most builds, this one I'm just going with the flow and building what I think up as I go along.  My normal (and more comfortable format) is to draft on graph paper, sketch out ideas (tho I'm not an artist by any means) and then start building in-game.  Well, I wasn't getting too many ideas so I just opened up the game and got what you see above.  I'm completely happy with the idea of the garage and stairs and entry point.  Everything else is open to change.  I just need to figure out exactly what I'm doing.  I think it's back to the graph paper for now.

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Available for Download! Green With Envy

This is a 1 bedroom/1.5 bath loft-style Modern home.  Live in the lap of luxury in this house that offers a little of it all.  There's a private patio off the bedroom, a laundry room and spa-bath.  Outdoor kitchen and dining and entertainment area, pool and secluded hot tub for fun times!
**NO CC/Patterns included in this lot**

Store items from the following sets were used:
Luxury Spa Set
Lux Lounge Spa
FULL Ultra Lounge Set** (I used all types of items, so just to be safe, I tagged the whole set)
Collectionne Stancke

Miscellaneous Items:
Haute Hip Wall Tree Light
Look to the West Window
Flux Flora
Murano Wood Block Knife Stock
Uber-Sani Toilet
Friendly Office Lamp
Bargain Lamp

I think that 'bout sums it up.  So, there ya go. Enjoy!
Green W/ Envy House

Coming Soon - Green With Envy

Well. The name is a work-in-progress.... But I'm done with this house, just play-testing the lot.  I think I'll have it ready to upload tomorrow.

Have a better name for this house?  Then share it with me! I'd love to know what you think this lot should be called.

Friday, December 2, 2011

A Few Revisions

Here's a pic-update to the modern I'm working on.  It's proven (like every other build) to be a challenge.  Sometimes I think, "Oh this'll be a cinch! One bedroom, easy!"
Not exactly so.  But I think after some finagling of walls, putting in fireplaces and adding windows I have a great start... it just took some time.


Thursday, December 1, 2011

NEW Metro-Modern WIP

Hi Folks!

So I have another request from a simmer, crs9900, that I started on last night.  I got the paint/textures worked out today and got all the exterior details ironed out -- just need to figure out window placements....

This is a 1BR/1.5BA 2-story Modern home that will feature spacious living areas, laundry room and a study.  There will be (tho they're not added yet) three fireplaces; one in the bedroom/loft and the other in the living room and study.  There will be a pool, pond, hot tub and outdoor living space.... despite the lot size of 30x30, there will be a lot going on in this lot... I just hope my design has enough space and that I can get everything crs9900 requested into this house.