Thursday, December 1, 2011

NEW Metro-Modern WIP

Hi Folks!

So I have another request from a simmer, crs9900, that I started on last night.  I got the paint/textures worked out today and got all the exterior details ironed out -- just need to figure out window placements....

This is a 1BR/1.5BA 2-story Modern home that will feature spacious living areas, laundry room and a study.  There will be (tho they're not added yet) three fireplaces; one in the bedroom/loft and the other in the living room and study.  There will be a pool, pond, hot tub and outdoor living space.... despite the lot size of 30x30, there will be a lot going on in this lot... I just hope my design has enough space and that I can get everything crs9900 requested into this house.

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