Saturday, April 28, 2012

NEW! Bocage Plantation

Good Evening!

Before I turn in for the night, I have a new home to share.  This was a home I created upon request.  I made a loose variation of the Bocage Plantation located in Louisiana.

This home has 4 bedroom suites, 3.5 spacious bathrooms.  Features of the home include the Georgian architecture, the classic furnishings and "Old World" feel of the home.  You will find no technology here, because time has stopped.

The lay out of the home is a bit different, as I built the home by looking at pictures and had no true floor plan to go by for lay-out.  So you will have 2 bedrooms per floor with ample public space between.  The ground floor is more private, since the front door/main entrance is actually located on the 2nd floor, AKA the Main Floor.

The lay-out is spacious, with room to grow or add any TV's or computers that you may desire.

This home is CC Free.  Store content was used in the making of this home -- As usual. :P

Store Sets:
Club Vaindenburger
Indulgent Living
Zen Again
Frontier Finds Kitchen
Storybook Bath
Storybook Living

Individual Items from The Store:
Gothique Painting
Secret Sonny
Miss Mystery
Bayou Shutters

On to the pictures! (Be warned, this is pic-heavy)

((Click on the Pictures to view them in a larger format))

**Note: Not all the pictures of the bathrooms are available.  I find it redundant.  If you've seen one, you've seen them all. ;-)

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Click to Download Bocage Plantation

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Dasha Doletskaya - NEW Sim!

Hello, Hello!

Thought I'd share with you another sim I made. Her name's Dasha, my thought process behind creating her was a Russian transplant looking for fame.

Her traits are: Star Quality, Vegetarian, Daredevil, Charismatic, Vehicle Enthusiast.
She is a YA and very obviously, Female. ;-)

 She does contain CC, it's all transferable.
Hair (PeggyZone?)
Eye liner (Gosik)
Eye Shadow (Praline Sims)
Lips (Praline Sims)
Clothing patterns (Zhaana, Zhaana)
Athletic Wear (I don't have the link for this - but it was from TSR)

Store items:
Old Timey Bathing Suite

**This sim has been scanned through Custard & Play-Tested**
Please download/rec/favorite if you like her.

Happy Simming!

Monday, April 23, 2012

Re-Vamp WIP

So I'm redecorating and remodeling a pre-built house in Appaloosa that I love.  The house has great exterior character and I loves the focal point being the stone chimney.  Do you remember this house?

 This is how the house looks originally when you load up your game.  And I love it.  But it was a little too dated in my opinion.

There's nothing wrong with a retro house - and I'd consider this retro with the giant stone chimney and the stone fencing.  But I decided to give this a slight exterior updated, with more defined garden plots and updated windows/doors.

So this is what I have so far:

The exterior is complete, for the most part.  I'm still working on the interior.  The windows of the house, the stone pattern and the flower pots and patio sofa are all CC.  So this home (obviously) will have CC packaged with it.  And because my interior has a share of CC in it as well, this house will likely only make it to mediafire.  For some reason, I find that homes I build that are bigger than about 10MB don't load to my studio.  And I'm not all too sure why that is .....

Anyway, that's my update for today. :D

Happy Simming!

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Steppin' Into Makin' Sims!

I love making Sims - but all anyone's really seen are my homes.  I'm thinking that I'm gonna start sharing my sims on my blog now. :)

So, my avitar over on Sims 3 got over 200 downloads - and I told people not to download it because some CC used on her is non-transferable.  Since I had so many people download her I figure I ought to at least share what she has so if people want her to show up in-game correctly, they'll have the right stuff.

Carah Ellis - Is a YA Female sim; Her traits are Great Kisser, Charismatic, Schmoozer, Dramatic, & Flirty.

CC I used:
Anubis Hair (transferable)
Mallow Non-Default Skintone (non-transferable) -- Get it Here

Clothes, jewelry and make up came from EPs/SPs. NO STORE CONTENT

Because Carah got so many downloads, I decided that maybe my sims are worth sharing after all.  At least more often.

With that said, I just finished a new sim.

Toni Marks - Is a YA Female sim; Her traits are Mooch, Hot-Headed, Excitable, Great Kisser & Clumsy

CC I used:
PeggyZone Hair (transferable)
Mallow Non-Default Skin (Non-transferable/same link above)
Praline Eyeline (Transferable)

Clothes, jewelry and make up (other than eyeliner) came from EPs/SPs. NO STORE CONTENT

Please download/Recommend/Favorite if you like.
Thanks for the support, Simmers!

Friday, April 20, 2012

Serenbe -- A Transitional-Modern Green Home

Serenbe, my version of HGTV's 2012 Green House, is now available for download!

This home has 4 bedrooms, 3.5 bathrooms and ample space for growing families.  The best features of this house is the spacious floor plan (lots of room for sims - throwing parties should be a cinch!)

I really dig the Retreat and the Living Room, myself.  ;-)

The color palette and general interior design of the house pays homage to the real Serenbe Green House that you can view pictures and videos of  here.

Although you will see that some designs are my own and I took liberty to change a few things (mostly like the courtyards, Master Bath and the nursery) that didn't seem to fit.  Also, not everything could be duplicated exactly - no matter how hard I wish.  So, patterns are not exact and some furniture isn't either.  However, I am extremely proud of this build and I feel like I did the real house justice.

Now, this house is CC Free. But I did use store sets, but not a lot.  I used:

  • Bah Haus
  • Panda & Friends (Animals Abound Collection)
  • Full Bayside Set
  • Full Contemporary Comfort Set
  • Earth Day Plants (FREE!)
  • Weba Yayfoo (FREE!)
  • Renault EV/Eco Pack (FREE!)

Click to Download Serenbe
Please D/R/F if you like it.

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Uber-Sani Sim Toilet

You know that piece of sh - I mean "Premium" Content that was released awhile back where our sims could enjoy a spa-like dump in a glorious porcelain god that basically did everything but feed you?

Well, <finally> someone at ModTheSims has made a fix for it.  And the toilet now works as everyone who purchased it had been swindled into believing -- that is, if you download the package file.

"Bitter, much?" You ask?

"Nay, nay!" I say.  I'm not bitter anymore, for a fix has been provided.  Regardless that once again a fix for something EA sold broken to begin with was fixed by a fellow simmer and not by an EA techy. I'm glad that a fix is now available regardless where it comes from.

If you bought the Sani toilet and want it to work, check out the fix HERE

Serenbe - A Modern Vacation Home

I have a new work-in-progress to share!

I'm building a request for a fellow simmer that asked that I re-create the 2012 HGTV Green Home.  For those that aren't lovers of HGTV or don't get it through their cable/satellite providers, it's a Home & Garden nework basically.  It's everything from home design, reality home-buyer shows and landscaping DIY's.


Every year they build a house somewhere in the USA and make it a green/Eco-friendly home and then host a sweepstakes that allows anyone in the US to enter the game and have a chance to win the home.

This year's home is in my beloved state of Georgia. (sigh) Gets me kind of sentimental.  I live in Southern Georgia, near historic Savannah.  Serenbe, Georgia is a Green Community just outside of Atlanta, so for be about at three and half hour drive.

This is the house that is the 2012 Green Home:

If you visit HGTV's website you can view more pictures of this house and view the floor plan.  The amount of photos and the floor plan details is so amazing it made converting this house into a Sims home in Sims 3 easier than most.  Not to mention just about every room has a 360 degree view so you see e-v-e-r-y-t-h-i-n-g.  So despite having just started this home yesterday, I've made great progress.

Obviously, you can't re-create every detail to a T, so there are some differences between the houses.  And because the game has its limitations, I couldn't make everything exact.  But part of the (mostly) joyous challenge of building a home is to make it as close to it's real-life original as possible.  

So whaddya think, hmm?

Monday, April 16, 2012

Cheverny - A French Country Home

Hi All!

The French Country home is finished.  Although because of the file size, uploading to the Exchange was not possible.  Which I figured this would happen, but I'm hoping to re-edit the lot and upload a "Lite CC" version of the house later - hopefully tomorrow.

I used CC windows and a French door from The Sims Resource (gasp! -- don't worry, they're safe - I checked) and I want those to transfer with the house.  All the CC (although not THAT much) that I did use in the interior I will remove and clean up with Delphy's Custard tool.  I just don't have the time right now.

But for those who are okay to have CC in their game, I uploaded the home to MediaFire.  Just click the link below:

Download Cheverny

This house was also checked through Custard, I just didn't remove any CC (except the buggers that sneak in there without me wanting it to.)  If you have questions or concerns about the lot, please don't hesitate to ask.  I'll be glad to help. :)

I did use EA Store items, here are the sets I used:

  • Animals Abound Set
  • Mediterranean Villa Kitchen/Dining
Yeah, not a long list ... But wait for it.  My individual item list is much bigger.  Here goes:

  • Silence is Golden Box
  • Spa Necessities
  • Pan of Plants
  • Foyer Frills
  • Charming Culture Counter
  • Regency Palm
  • Coffee Tray With Book
  • Asymmetrical Allessandar Table Lamp
  • Deobnair Decanter
  • VDB Overhead Cabinet
  • Palm In Vase
  • Kitchen Cage Hutch
  • Tropical Fruit Bowl
  • New Year's Nectar (Free!)
  • Solace Snugabunny (Premium Content)


Sunday, April 15, 2012

SimAngel's Build Team

SimAngel's Build Team is back up and running!

For those that may be unaware, SimAngel's was founded by Angelllite7 on the official forums (Sims 3 Official Website) in the Creative Corner section.

After taking a temporary absence and moving the build team to our own forums (SimAngel's Forums) she decided to move back to the official forums and begin our building request again.

If anyone is interested in me or any other talented creators making them any kind of lot for their sims, please feel free to bookmark and request lots at this new thread:

Friday, April 13, 2012

Picture Spam Time!

Things are coming along great with my French-inspired build. I have the exterior complete, along with all the first floor decorated, painted and plumbed.

I am using some CC, more than my usual, so just a head's up to potential downloaders.  However, for those who hesitate, I will run the house through Delphy's Custard tool to make sure no other CC sneaks in to the house.  That way, you'll know it's safe, tested, and only the CC that I wanted to be included in the download.

The CC I'm using is mostly patterns and build items (i.e. windows, doors) but some furniture items will be included.

Okay, enough talk.  On to pictures!