Monday, April 16, 2012

Cheverny - A French Country Home

Hi All!

The French Country home is finished.  Although because of the file size, uploading to the Exchange was not possible.  Which I figured this would happen, but I'm hoping to re-edit the lot and upload a "Lite CC" version of the house later - hopefully tomorrow.

I used CC windows and a French door from The Sims Resource (gasp! -- don't worry, they're safe - I checked) and I want those to transfer with the house.  All the CC (although not THAT much) that I did use in the interior I will remove and clean up with Delphy's Custard tool.  I just don't have the time right now.

But for those who are okay to have CC in their game, I uploaded the home to MediaFire.  Just click the link below:

Download Cheverny

This house was also checked through Custard, I just didn't remove any CC (except the buggers that sneak in there without me wanting it to.)  If you have questions or concerns about the lot, please don't hesitate to ask.  I'll be glad to help. :)

I did use EA Store items, here are the sets I used:

  • Animals Abound Set
  • Mediterranean Villa Kitchen/Dining
Yeah, not a long list ... But wait for it.  My individual item list is much bigger.  Here goes:

  • Silence is Golden Box
  • Spa Necessities
  • Pan of Plants
  • Foyer Frills
  • Charming Culture Counter
  • Regency Palm
  • Coffee Tray With Book
  • Asymmetrical Allessandar Table Lamp
  • Deobnair Decanter
  • VDB Overhead Cabinet
  • Palm In Vase
  • Kitchen Cage Hutch
  • Tropical Fruit Bowl
  • New Year's Nectar (Free!)
  • Solace Snugabunny (Premium Content)


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