Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Uber-Sani Sim Toilet

You know that piece of sh - I mean "Premium" Content that was released awhile back where our sims could enjoy a spa-like dump in a glorious porcelain god that basically did everything but feed you?

Well, <finally> someone at ModTheSims has made a fix for it.  And the toilet now works as everyone who purchased it had been swindled into believing -- that is, if you download the package file.

"Bitter, much?" You ask?

"Nay, nay!" I say.  I'm not bitter anymore, for a fix has been provided.  Regardless that once again a fix for something EA sold broken to begin with was fixed by a fellow simmer and not by an EA techy. I'm glad that a fix is now available regardless where it comes from.

If you bought the Sani toilet and want it to work, check out the fix HERE

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