Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Hello, Old friend, Hello

For you youngin's out there too little to catch the reference, the title of my post is from a good Neil Diamond song. (sigh) It's been too long, Simmers. But I am back for now.

I see that despite my absence, EA hasn't improved anying with their franchise in Sims. If anything, I think it's even more downhill. So, the recent news is we are to expect a stuff pack based on Katy Perry? Hmm, considering That chick hasn't put out a new album since her debut makes her fodder in my eyes anyway. Now, don't get me wrong, she has good music, catchy tunes. But she has out, what, three albums? But they're all THE SAME THING AND THE SAME SONGS ... The only additions one or two new songs to somehow make it a new album. I think it's time Katy step out of the limelight, relax and regroup and come out with an all-new album with even better songs.

Now, back to this stuff pack. ARE YOU EFFING KIDDING ME, EA?! I was once a huge fan of the franchise, but ever since Ea stuck their fingers in the pie, I've lost more and more interest in the game, and more respect for the creators.

Will I continue building for the game? For now, I will continue building, but my hard-earned money isn't being invested any further in this company until they create something of worth. Despite the obvious target to a younger audience with the release of Katy Perry themed sh*t, I find that I still like to build. So I will continue to do so.

The build team that I was on is getting back up and running on the official forums over in creative corner. Once we are running, I will post links here for anyone who might be remotely interested.

Until then, Happy Simming

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