Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Dasha Doletskaya - NEW Sim!

Hello, Hello!

Thought I'd share with you another sim I made. Her name's Dasha, my thought process behind creating her was a Russian transplant looking for fame.

Her traits are: Star Quality, Vegetarian, Daredevil, Charismatic, Vehicle Enthusiast.
She is a YA and very obviously, Female. ;-)

 She does contain CC, it's all transferable.
Hair (PeggyZone?)
Eye liner (Gosik)
Eye Shadow (Praline Sims)
Lips (Praline Sims)
Clothing patterns (Zhaana, Zhaana)
Athletic Wear (I don't have the link for this - but it was from TSR)

Store items:
Old Timey Bathing Suite

**This sim has been scanned through Custard & Play-Tested**
Please download/rec/favorite if you like her.

Happy Simming!

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