Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Available Now! Heatherton

My newest lot is available!

This is a 3 bedroom/2 bath traditional-American style home.  The main areas and bathrooms are already furnished and decorated, the bedrooms are left empty for customization.  I find that most people redecorate the bedrooms anyway, so it'd be easier for everyone to decorate the rooms as they need them :)

This house contains safe CC patterns that come with the download of the house.

However, I used the following items from Mod The Sims (MTS) that you will need to download in order for the home to appear as I intended.

The Country Windows Set by HugeLunatic
Simple Siding (6 patterns) by plasticbox
Transit Tiles by JaneSamborski
The Fiorella Flower Arrangement by Goodywood

Various store items were included, namely from Contemporary Comfort sets.  If you want a detailed list, I will be happy to provide it if you leave a comment for me.

Click Here To Download Heatherton

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