Friday, April 13, 2012

Picture Spam Time!

Things are coming along great with my French-inspired build. I have the exterior complete, along with all the first floor decorated, painted and plumbed.

I am using some CC, more than my usual, so just a head's up to potential downloaders.  However, for those who hesitate, I will run the house through Delphy's Custard tool to make sure no other CC sneaks in to the house.  That way, you'll know it's safe, tested, and only the CC that I wanted to be included in the download.

The CC I'm using is mostly patterns and build items (i.e. windows, doors) but some furniture items will be included.

Okay, enough talk.  On to pictures!


  1. Wow! It's really nice! It looks big too! Also could I request a house from you?


  2. Thanks Will!

    If you want a request, just place one on the new build team thread in creative corner. We opened today! ;)