Sunday, May 27, 2012


Well, I have 2 more works-in-progress to share with y'all.  These are on top of the other two I showed a week or so back... two weeks, maybe?

Anway, I'm still wanting to finish the other two, I just haven't the drive.  Plus, I'm still working on a request, which come before my personal builds out of courtesy.

So, this first WIP is the request I'm fulfilling.  It's been smooth sailing - which makes the task of building on someone's request so much easier!

This home is meant to be derivative from this home:

However, those windows in the pic above can't be matched through CC or what the game provides, plus the entry to the home is more basic.  Whereas, in the pic above you see that the entry was strangely placed on the 2nd floor and was nearly bridge-like.  Which didn't look right in the game, nor did it seem as functional was what I created.

To create privacy to the poolside area, I placed a fence around it, but the pool is there.  I think the major draw to this lot will be the 2-story windows that keep the living space open.  This home (if you haven't figured it out already) will contain CC.

This next home was me just playing around - but I like it so I'll likely finish it up.  Although I haven't decided if I'll completely decorate and furnish the interior or not, I will at least finish out the landscaping.  I plan to make this one store free and CC free.

Now that I'm looking at the picture again, I may change some exterior things.  I'm not sure if I'm set on the windows used on the garage wall (Generations windows on far right).

Ta, for now kiddos.  Happy Simming!

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  1. Nice WIPs Peaches :) Thanks for stopping by on my blog - the support is really appreciated!

    --Wibble :)