Thursday, May 17, 2012

Key West - Now Available

Key West is my newest Ultra Modern lot built by request.  This home has 4 bedrooms, plus an additional nursery off the master, outdoor space and pool and features a unique floor plan.

Key West is CC Free but includes store content.
EP Content: WA, AMB, GEN, PETS, LN, ST
SP Content: OL, HELS, TL

Store Content used in this lot:

Nature's Blades (free)
Sippin Succulents (free)
Learn Your Sim-E Zees (free)
Palm In Vase
NeoRetro Chair
Aurora Lush Style Sconce
Nordi Chop
Big Cheese Coat Rack
Cyber Creeping Vine
Practical Al's Kitchen Cart
BahHaus Set (full)

Please Download/Favorite/Recommend if you like it

Thank you for the support and Happy Simming!

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