Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Now Available - Ventura

Ventura is a 5 BR/ 2.5 BA house.  1 bedroom is vacant for downloaders to customize as they see fit.  Features include a waterfall pool, pond, outdoor living space and a private Master Suite located on the 3rd floor with its own private balcony

  • Contains CC
  • Store Content Free
  • Built on 464 Shoreline Point in Starlight Shores
CC from the following creators was used:

  • Mutske
  • JomSim
  • Roan_
  • Pixel Goodies/ShannaSims
  • Ung999
  • PralineSims
  • Denizzo_ist
  • HolySimoly
You can download this home via MediaFire only.  As usual, a YouTube Showcase is available to watch.

**You can download a CC Free & Store Content Free version of this home via The Exchange.  You will find minor alterations between this version and the original CC version.

Happy Simming!

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  1. This is absolutely stunning left you a big fat rec :)