Monday, July 9, 2012

3 New Community Lots for Lucky Palms

Good Morning, World!

I have three new lots to share this morning:Lucky 7 Salon, Flop, Turn & River Consginment, and the Lucky Palms Fire Department.  Beware: This post is picture-heavy!  I chose to not make a video for these lots.

Lucky 7 Salon has an intimate set-up in the interior with only 2 make-up tables.  There is sitting room available for those that wait to be served.  Tattoos are available on the second floor of the building as an extension to the salon.

There is 1 CAP Pattern from TnT_Terry that was used in this lot. But no other custom content was used.

Store Content:

  • Look to the West Window
  • Viva Las Vegas Living
  • Lucky Palms World

All EPs/SPs up to Showtime are required.
Place on 71 Lake Access Road in Lucky Palms for best results.

The next lot is the Flop, Turn & River Consignment. This shop has many little odds and ends for sale, decor and furniture on the first floor, clothing and artwork on the second floor.

Store Content: 
  • Cyber Creeping Vine
  • Silence is Godlen Box
  • Winner's Spot
  • Koonzilla
  • Reed Basket
  • Remember the Roar Wall Art
  • Stoic Giraffe
  • Peter's Safari Mobile
  • Gothique Cushion & Pearls
  • Grecian Towels

ALL EPs/SPs up to Showtime are required.
Place on 70 Lake Access Road in Lucky Palms for best results.

Last of all, Lucky Palms' Fire Department.  This lot contains NO Store Content but has 1 CAP Pattern by Pepper090889.

1 Free Store item was used: Modern HDTV by Webbsta Ind.

Required EPs: Ambitions & Showtime
REquired SPs: HELs

Place on 28 Civic Circle in Lucky Palms for best results.

 All 3 lots are CC Free

You can download/Rec/Fav these community lots from My Studio

Thank you, Y'all!

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