Monday, July 23, 2012

SimAngel's Build Competition

There are only about 5 days until our competition is closed.  I thought I'd post a final quick invitation to those who may be interested in a generous prize pool.

There is over 5,000 Sim Points that will be gifted in the form of Wish List items up for grabs and you only have to build your version of a home that we provide.  A BIG THANK YOU to blunote00 for her generous sponsorship to this competition.

For details on this build competition, you can visit the thread in Gift Gathering.  If you cannot compete whether you don't feel like you can build or there's a time crunch, please support those that have competed by taking a moment to Rec their creations for their hard work and view what neat things they created out of the floor plan we provided.

There are some amazing entries already, and I hope in the coming  days to see more.  Please join in!


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