Monday, September 15, 2014

NEW Sims 4 Home

Hello all,

Now that The Sims 4 is out, I have a home I'd love to share.  I'm still learning and practicing building homes in Sims 4 but my recent home I feel good about sharing here with some pics.  This is the 2nd home I've build in Sims 4, but the first one I'm sharing on my blog.  And, silly me, I didn't change the name of the lot so the home uses the name of the lot I built it on.  The home was built on the Potter's Splay lot in Willow Creek.

There is no 3rd part CC and the home is mostly furnished, only the 2 smaller bedrooms are left empty for customization.  Everything else is provided for and the home has been play-tested, though there's not really a need for play-testing since there's no moveobjects cheat in Sims 4. (shakes fist at EA)

This post is picture-heavy, beware.  And I'm still trying to grasp picture-taking in game, so my shots may not be the best. And you can click on the images to enlarge them.

These first shots are the different times of day:

Here are the over-head interior shots showing the lay out:

 And interior shots of the home:

Picture of the back of the house, which offers a gardening space, picnic table and grill for some light outdoor entertainment:

To download this home, see my first home I created that really isn't my best (LoL) and to see some sims I've created, you can find my creations in the Gallery in-game if you search for PEACHES327.

Please be sure to leave a comment or "like" the item. :D

Happy Simming!

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