Sunday, November 13, 2011

NEW Modern Zen WIP

So here's a house that I'm working on per request for a fellow simmer.  This is supposed to be a Modern, Zen-like home with 4 bedrooms.  The requester wants there to be a pond, pool, zen garden and green house. Apparently (looking at my notes now while I'm typing) she also wants a basement (dammit!), study, and game room....
Arg, I hate basements.  They're really not tricky unless you forget to actually build the basement before actually building the house.  Just like in real life, you build from the ground up.  Logically, you cannot build a basement underneath an existing house, and that's pretty much how the game acts as well... I've seen people build basements with an existing house but it takes a lot of finagling and patience.... Patience is something I don't have nearly enough of as it is, so I'm not sure now how I'm going to finish this house for her with a basement, but I'll figure something out...
Oh well.
So here's a couple of pics of the exterior:

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