Monday, November 7, 2011

CC Issues with Pets, Anyone?

For those out there who had their share of third party CC and then decided to get the Pets EP, I feel your pain in loosing any CC you had.

I have lost all CC items I once had and so far I'm unable to get them back as they're unsupported by the new EP. :(  Big-Frowny-Face

So my previous WIPS are no longer in existence since I also had to do a clean install with Pets.  Boo!

I'm not too torn up about it, though, as I know if I really want to re-create the houses I can.  Being the perfectionist I am, I draft all my ideas on graph paper before actually building in-game, so I'm okay with the loss of WIPs far more than I'm okay with the loss of all my CC.... I had loads.

Anyway, so I am working on a Zen-inspired Modern house per request from a fellow simmer, so when I get a chance I'll update the blog with pics.  Right now I'm not sure of the style, so we'll see.

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