Saturday, February 8, 2014

NEW! Element

 Element is an Ultra-Modern home built in Riverview at 365 Riverblossom Hills Drive, located with all the 60x60 Legacy lots.  You can find Element and other creations in My Studio.

The home is CC Free but contains the following list of Store Content

Ultra Lounge Kitchen Set
Futureshock Loft Set
Giant Bonsai Tree - FREE
Home on the Range Grill - FREE
Curved Metal Window - FREE (this item is part of the gift set when you guy ITF online)
Botanists Nightmare
Mysterious Modern Masterpiece (from Lucky Palms)
Towel Stackomatic
Wall Mount Towel Stackomatic
Variegated Ceramic Vase
Linear End Table
Capacitor Counter
Cyber Creeping Vine
Boxception Pendant Light
Luminescent Glow Ceiling Light
Forte Lounger
BahHaus Immacualte Window

Recommended Expansions: All, up to ITF
Recommended Stuff Packs: OLS, MS
ELEMENT comes fully furnished and decorated, has been play-tested and has been upgraded; bathrooms are all self-cleaning and other appliances in the home are unbreakable.

The patio has ample space with outdoor fire pit, hot tub, pool with waterfall and diving board.  The living room has a vaulted ceiling, and plenty of seating for large gatherings.  I'd like to think this home would be perfect for single-sim Roomies.

Warning: This post is picture-heavy and may take time to load for some viewers.  I will try to get around to making a video for this home at a later date.  Remember that you can click on images to enlarge them. :)

Please be sure to Download/Reccomend!

I hope you enjoy Element and all my other creations. :)  Happy Simming!

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