Thursday, February 13, 2014

Picture Update

I'm moving along with the big Victorian and have a majority of the outside of the lot complete.  This home is going to be CC Free, but will contain tons of store items and items from Midnight Hollow.

 And I have another build in progress:

This house is actually a real house - my house!  We were out of power yesterday thanks to the bad weather going through our area (we got ice but no snow) so while the power was out I sketched out our floor plan on graph paper and started building it in-game this morning when the power came back on.

I'm really proud of this house so far, because it very true to the real thing.  The only difference is I chose to make a brick accent in the game on the outside that we don't really have.  I wanted to break up all the siding with the brick, and now I wish our house had it.  And because we've only been in our house just under a year, all our plants don't look as good as they do in the game (because it's Winter, for one) because the plants are still young.  But I'd like to think in a few years our plants will look more like they do in the Sims 3.

This house WILL contain 3rd Part CC.  It's one window and one set of shutters since I wanted to make the front as close to what ours looks like as possible.  Everything else will be store and expansion content.

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