Wednesday, February 19, 2014

New! Sandalwood

Sandalwood is a 3BR/2.5BA Traditional home, built as similarly as possible to my own real house.  I originally started this out of boredom on graph paper when the power was out and decided to share after building it in Sims 3.  :)

The best features of the home is the vaulted ceiling in the living room, the ample space for a growing family, a fenced-in back yard with room to add an outdoor play ground and outdoor cooking/entertainment.  Everything but the bedrooms have been fully furnished and designed.  And you may notice the one very pink bedroom -- well, that's my daughter's room and the paint color she chose when we moved into our house, lol. ;-)

This home contains 2 pieces of Transferrable CC only:  MissyZim at TSR created matching windows sets for the base game Colonial windows.  The MZ 2x1 Tall Shutter and the MZ 2x1 Colonial Window Tall are all that is included with the house as 3rd party CC.

Everything else in the home is from the Store (a painting for Aurora Skies is the only thing the Sims 3 asset page did not list.) And from the following Expansions: WA, AMB, LN, Pets, ST, Seasons, SN, IP, ITF

Sandalwood was built in Riverview on 30 Hidden Grove Lane.  Although on the item images I said Riverside thanks to a brain fart.  (facepalm)

On to the pics!

You can easily remove the CC through Delphy's Custard Tool which you can find at MTS ( if you want a CC Free version.  The Custard tool is straight-forward and easy to use.

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As always, Happy Simming!

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