Friday, June 1, 2012

New Sim - Lana Montserratt

I have a sim to share - her name is Lana.  She is a YA who loves animals, is ambitious, happens to be a little absent-minded, dislikes the kiddos but has a good sense of humor.  Her lifetime wish is to have oodles of pets, preferably 2 of each.

She contains transferrable CC from the following creators:

-Hair by SkySims(Hair-020)
-Contacts by Steady Access (Realistic Eyes05)
-Eyebrows by Steady Access
-Skin by Ephemera (NV1)
-Praline Sims Lipstick
-Gosik Eye Shadow and Eye Liner

Her formal dress is a Store Item, the Day to Evening Dress.

Other than that, all her clothing are from EPs.

Download Lana Montserratt
Please rec/fav if you like her.

As always, Happy Simming!

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