Tuesday, June 12, 2012

NEW! Astoria, A Family Home


Well, this got done about a day soon than I anticipated.  I was thinking that I'd get this done no sooner than tomorrow, but oh well!

My newest lot is Astoria, a grand 5 bedroom home that has 3.5 bathrooms and sports ample room to grow in! Because this home was only built with the Pets EP in mind, I figured I'd make the floors spacious to allow for any EPs that the requester might acquire so their sim-family can continue to grow with the home.  There's a future laundry space and room for a grand piano and as the little sim-kiddos age, rooms can be converted to other spaces.  There's also room on the second floor balcony for any possible additions.

This home includes custom content and custom patterns.  Because the CC is extensive, I cannot credit all the creators I used, but a majority of the CC is from Zhaana, Cyclonesue, MissyZim and Mutske from The Sims Resource.  These are trusted creators that I use repeatedly.  And, should you still doubt, this home was run through Delphy's Custard tool and all CC checked out as safe/non-corrupt.

There is non-transferable CC used in this home.  So please be sure to download the following items before downloading the home into your game.

Transit Tile Patterns
Simple Siding Patterns
Fractional Walls

I made another video to showcase the lot. Please be sure to watch it and "like" the video if you like the home.  Since I'm unable to receive Recs on this creation on the official Sims 3 site, I'd appreciate the time it'll take to "like" my video.

Watch the Video Showcase

As always, thanks for reading and looking and for being you!

Download from MediaFire


  1. I would like this one. I only just downloaded my very first custom built home from someone on tumblr yesterday! Very excited! So now, of course I want more, but I don't trust the exchange. I'll try this one of yours. I would never re-upload it. I'm not into builds at all, also I would never do that to another simmer no worries. I don't know what those tile patterns and fractional walls are tho?

  2. Hi rgirl! No worries, I know I can trust you! ;)
    As for the content you're curious about, you don't need them to download the house. The fractional walls are just a style of walls that I like that aren't packaged with the house. If you don't download the package file and add it to your mods folder, the walls will simply default to a basic wall offered in-game but will still keep my CAS-ed look. The tile patterns are simply just patterns, but just like the fractional walls they aren't packages with the home.
    The listed non-transferable content above are click-able links so if you click where it says "fractional walls" for instance, it'll take you to the items where you can download them and add them to your game.
    I'm not sure how familiar you are with CC or ModtheSims, but I hope what I said made sense. If you have further questions, don't hesitate to ask. I'll be glad to help. :D

  3. Thanks so much for answering back. I did click on those links and I have account at MTS. So I could get them but really, I have so much cc already and one of the items said "the creator of this item hasn't logged in for a long time" I've had that message before on there. It's probably not a problem. What kind of a file is it? Is it .package file? Do I put it directly in my "library" ? That's how the other house that I downloaded was. Hope you're having a nice weekend. I'll probably download that lot tomorrow or Sunday. But I need to know where to put it. Whenever you get a chance it's ok. Thanks a lot :)

  4. Do you have a mods folder added? If not, I would recommend following the directions here:
    All CC that is non-transferable are package files. Transferable files are always sims3packs. The files that don't transfer with this home are .package files.
    You want to place the extracted items from modthesims into your "mod" folder that should be located in your Sims 3 game folder. (It helps to keep it separate from other content so you can decipher CC from actual EP/SP/Store content.)
    And one of the items at MTS does say that the creator hasn't logged in, but it is safe to download. It's an item that hasn't had any problems so there's been no reason to update it. I believe that message was for the tile patterns which shouldn't cause any problem. I had actually re-downloaded that item and saw that same message and had no issues using the patterns. :)

  5. Hi again. Yes, I have a mods folder and that's where my packages folder is and that's where all the cc goes right? I'm just downloading the house now, but I don't know where to put the house... What I mean is does it go in the library folder or does it go in the packages folder? I'm sure I'll figure it out. I'll let you know. Thanks so much for your help :)

  6. The home is a sims3pack so you can have it download through the game launcher just like Store Content. And yes, everything else goes into your mods folder after you extract it. :) You got it! ;-)

  7. Hi Sweetie, Oh the house! It's gorgeous. I didn't realize how big it was. I should have read more about it. I didn't realize it has a stables. So at first I really had to search for a town to put it in but then I found one lot in Appalosa Plains. I've never played a horse stables yet, but I guess I could try. I have a couple of questions too, if you have time:
    When I extracted it the only file was a sims3pack. There were no other files of custom content. So I just put it in the downloads file in my Sims 3 folder and double clicked on it to install. I hope that's what I was supposed to do. Also, I noticed there are now some new items in my game. Are those custom content? Or store items? And one more thing... In the drop down box under 'fabrics' there seems to be one pattern missing. Like there's a hole where the pattern should be. I'm sorry, if this doesn't make sense. I could take a screen shot and email it to you. So just to let you know, I haven't played the actual house yet. I want to make a real nice sim to go in it, But I did have a look inside the house when I went into edit town. I'm very excited to start playing it.
    I think I will download those three things from MTS because the brick on the house looks funny. I think the brick or siding or whatever you used might be missing. sorry to ramble on. I'm very excited. I love the house! Thanks for you time and patience with me. I'm going to look on the forums to see if you have a wishlist.

  8. The empty slots in build mode is a place-marker for the missing wall set (the Fractional Walls) you need to download that separately. The exterior walls look flat because you need to have the Simple Siding from MTS installed as well. If you exit your game and download the files from the links above, and place those files in your Mods > Packages file then you should be set. Even though you already downloaded the house, if you add in the files, it should fix itself when you open the game next and everything *should be right. "Should" meaning there is the possibility the siding won't show up, but we'll cross that bridge if you get there. ;-) That's why I try to remind people to download non-transferable content first just to ensure everything shows up as I intended. :D
    Now if you want to refrain from using those files then you can replace the outside walls with whatever you choose in build mode. The non-transferable CC isn't 100% necessary - I just highly recommend it. Otherwise you'll have to make minor fixes of your own but it shouldn't be too time consuming should you choose that route.

  9. Hi Peaches. So I downloaded those three files. The one file (fractional walls) came up with a conflict when I put it through custard. It said "sims3pack I don't know if I did something wrong or not. I think I'll just play the house without it. I absolutely love the house. Like I said, I've never played horses yet. But I've got a bit of story working around in my head for this house and I made two beautiful, well I think they're beautiful, sims for my story. Can you to to my simblr and look at them? I would really appreciate it. I can't post them on the forums because I'm not uploading them. Well, I guess I could just post pictures there even if I'm not uploading them to the exchange.
    Here's my tumblr if you want to check it out.

    I wish I could gift you something. I'm not a child (in case you didn't already notice ha-ha) and I have sims points. But just want to give you a huge thank you for being so patient with me. And making an awesome house!

  10. I'm pretty sure the reason you had an error with the Fractional Walls is because (and I could be wrong) Deplhy's tool only scans .sims3pack files and anything from MTS are only .package files. So it won't scan those type of files correctly since they are a different file type. Delphy was created to use on sims3packs specifically because that's the type of CC that can attach itself to any asset/exchange item without your permission and sometime that CC isn't always good/safe cc. CC from MTS does not transfer as a safety procaution and as a credit to creators so there's a link back to them. That's why I love MTS so much. But you should be fine without the fractional walls, I'm just glad you're really enjoying the house.
    And I know you're not a kiddo! Lol - so definitely no confusion there. As for your tumblr/simblr I love your female sim especially though your male sim is hunk-a-licious! Your female sim actually intrigues me because she is freckled, has pale hair and skin and isn't a glamorous beauty but is still very pretty. And almost human-like! If you write your story, let me know, I'd love to read it.

  11. Hi Sweetie, I just went in to play a bit and found something that was pretty disappointing. The house is great.. I love the layout. Some of the furniture is 'broken' though. What I mean is the Sims don't interact with the furniture properly. They don't sit properly on chesterfields. They give a little hop and then slide around a bit. My child's body disappeared completely while sitting. And also one of the beds is broken too. The sim doesn't go under the covers. When he pulls the blankets back his body becomes distorted then he only lies on top of the blankets. These are just two glitches that I came across so far. I might go in tomorrow and see what else there is. I may just replace the furniture with store stuff but I might delete the whole thing because I don't want those items in my game. Sorry to give you bad news. I'll talk to you later ok?

  12. That is definitely bad news! But it's strange that the CC worked in my home. I play-test all my lots for 3-5 sim days and everything worked fine. The only problem I came across was some shifting sims sliding over the sofa in the living room. But after turning off move objects and resituatiing the furniture it worked. That really bothers me that it doesn't work for you! I didn't get any word from anyone else that it didn't work.
    If you like, I can go in and remove the problem furniture if you tell me the rooms and re-upload with EP versions. I really don't mind. I'd rather you have a working home. Let me know, I'll be glad to fix it. And I'll pull the house from mediafire as I don't want anyone else suffering issues.

    Tell me: what EP/SPs do you have?

    1. This sounds fantastic.... you are awesome. I have all the eps and sps (I think) I'll send you more info later. I have to get ready for work now.

    2. Hi again Peaches :) I'm at work now and have a few minutes to myself... I couldn't sleep last night because I was so stressed about loosing this house. I have a story that was going to work so well in this house. I would love it if you would re-upload it without the problem furniture. I'm sorry to be so much trouble :( My rule of thumb is... If there is going to be a glitch it will happen to my game. Ok, so I don't have Fast Lane or Sweet Treats, but I have all the other Eps and SP's. I will go back into the game and test a few more objects. Then I'll tell you which ones are giving me trouble. I can't test the cribs because I don't have a baby. Perhaps you could remove them and replace with EA cribs anyway. Oh do you have any store sets? I have some of them. My favourite for the kitchen is Bayside (I think that's what it's called) but there's probably no glitches in the kitchen anyway. One thing I don't want to loose are those custom louvred wooden blinds. Do you know what I'm talking about? I think they're in the dining room. I really like them.
      I appreciate this so much. I hate to trouble you, but Oh my God, you are my hero :)

      Talk to you soon ok?