Monday, June 25, 2012

New! Savannah Pheirson

Savannah Pheirson (Peer-sun) is my newest sim.  She contains CC but no store content.  

-Savannah's a Virgo.
-She love the color aqua, love Soul music and enjoys a good burger.
-She is ambitious, disciplined, has a good sense of humor, loves the outdoors and is quite the schmoozer.
-Her LTW is to reach Level 10 of the Political Career and be a Leader of the Free World 

Her list of CC is limited to skin and make-up.  I'm just not a fan of much of the CC clothing out there.

CC Credits:
Braided Hair-NewSea
Formal Hair - (Non-transferable) SavioRose99
Skin-Ephemera Sunny
Lips-Praline Sims
Eye Liner - Gosik
Contact Lenses - (Non-transferable) OhMyEyes! Escand

(All other CC not linked is transferable)

Please DL/Rec/Fav if you like her.
By request, I can upload a CC-free version should anyone want her but the CC stops you. Just ask! ;-)

Have a Great Monday!

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