Wednesday, June 13, 2012

NEW! Carolina, A Beach Bungalow & Genna Dionne

Two NEW items today, Folks!

First up is my sim Genna Dionne who was made for the TSS Two-Trait Sim Challenge.  She's a party animal, loves the outdoors, she's a flirt, athletic, and she loves dogs.

She has CC from Ephemera, Gosik and Praline Sims.  Her formal hair is CC but I don't know the creator (props to anyone who can tell me who) and her Every-day hair is a non-transferable Nouk hair available at MTS.

All other CC is transferable. And the only CC used is skin and make-up.  :)

Some of her clothing is from the Store:
Mai Tie Bikini Top & Bottom 
High Bun Hair 
Silky Sarong 
Boho Sun Dancer (Everyday Outfit #2) 
Lucky Leather Length

Now, I also created a home for Genna.

Carolina is a Beach Bungalow starter home that is perfect for any sim starting out.  The lot was built on 9 Sunsong Avenue in Sunset Valley, so it's right at the beach and near the "downtown" area.

Furnished: 16,370 simoleans
Unfurnished: 14,066 simoleans

1 item of CC was used and that's a Mutske Window I used as an accent above the front door.  If you don't want CC then all you have to do is use Delphy's Custard tool and extract the window before installing the home to your game.

Please Download/Recommend/Favorite if you like either of these creations.  They are both up on the Exchange.

Happy Simming!

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