Sunday, June 10, 2012

Coming Soon! Astoria

I have a Traditional-style home in the works.  I have the exterior complete along with the first floor interior.  The only thing I need to finish are the upstairs bedrooms and bathrooms.  Which, for me, is where I slow down to try keep creative juices flowing. Plus, bedrooms do get kind of monotonous.  I love that word: Monotonous.  ;-) But it's true about the rooms getting (wait for it)  ....

Anyway, this home will have CC - and a good dose of it.  It will boast 5 bedrooms, ample living space and a barn that will be ready to board 2 horses.  This home will only have the base game and Pets expansion items, which is why I'm so glad CC is an option for this build request. Makes creating a whole lot easier!

So, look for this to join my studio soon!  I'll most certainly update the blog upon the home's completion.

Happy Simming!


  1. Hello Peaches, I love this home! I would like to have on just like it in my Sims 3 game! It is the most magnificent home I have seen for Sims 3! You do some great work at building these house!

  2. Thank you so much, Renee. Once I have this home finished and uploaded, please feel free to download and enjoy. Thank you so much for commenting and following my blog. :)