Monday, June 18, 2012

Astoria - **FIXED

One of my Recent Homes, Astoria, had some glitches that was brought to my attention by rgirl1.  When I play-tested this home, I didn't have any problems, but after downloading the home into a new game folder and playing around I discovered some strange things.

If any of you downloaded Astoria and noticed minor glitches like sims not sleeping under covers or sliding around while sitting on sofas or arms going out of joint when putting Baby in one specific crib, these issues are now fixed. I removed the bugged content and replaced them with expansion pack items.

This home now uses AMB, GEN, & PETS.  I went ahead and added in a laundry room and laundry hampers to the appropriate rooms.

I removed the Master Bedroom bed (which was the culprit for sims not getting under the covers) and fixed some routing problems for the dresser.  Please note: the vanity in the Master Bedroom is for looks, although if you move the chair I angled in front of the vanity, it will function as a mirror.

All other problem areas have been resolved.  There should be no further issues with this home, however, please never hesitate to tell me if one of my homes doesn't function properly.  As a perfectionist I like to have things ... well, perfect.  And I want people to actually use and play in my homes and not be dissuaded by potential errors.

There is a *New Download Link* for the fixed lot.  Please enjoy and let me know if there are any further issues.

I also removed the video from youtube, and I don't know that I'll be re-making that just because the videos are time-consuming.  But should you want to see pictures I can showcase them for anyone who may want to see.  Just let me know.

As always, Happy Simming to you all.
Thanks again, rgirl for the head's up.


  1. Awwwwe Peaches thanks so much for redoing this house. I can't wait to download the new one and start playing. Can I ask you something... I'm not sure about something. In my launcher I clicked on 'uninstall' Astoria. But all the objects are still in my launcher do I have to uninstall them?
    Thanks Peaches :)

  2. Peaches i just redownloaded and the same thing happened. The chesterfield in the front room is still there and they still slip and slide all over it. I don't understand :(

  3. I see now... it's just the one chesterfield in the front room.. It's called the Aria loveseat, chair and sofa. I'm going to delete them from my launcher and replace with store items. It's a lovely, lovely build.

  4. Are you meaning in the TV/Family room with the Aria Living set? When I play-tested in a new game folder that set wasn't the problem, but the Television hadn't been putting out a proper picture. That's why I deleted the TV set and placed a base-game one. And the Aria couches worked perfectly fine. That's a Mutske set and I've never had problems from it personally. I really couldn't fathom why it's causing a problem now.

    Also, the couches in the formal sitting area where the fire place was, was where I saw the slipping and sliding. I replaced those with the Ambitions sofa set. Those were a brand new set I'd just gotten my hands on.

    And yes - you have to delete the individual items out of your launcher as well as the house. That's why CC can be a bugger to get rid of. I sincerely hope everything works out. I purged all my CC and I will be starting anew. Hopefully there wasn't something unknowingly corrupt in the export of the lot, but Custard came up with no errors. (?)

  5. Hi again, Yes, the furniture in the tv room, the Aria Living Set is broken in my game. My Sims still don't sit on the any of it properly.I don't know why it doesn't work in my game, but then again... I don't know the deep fryer doesn't work in my game either. I even downloaded the 'fix' and it still won't work.
    It's ok though, I changed the furniture in the living room and I'll just delete it from the launcher. I didn't even notice that you changed the tv. And I'm pretty sure all the other furniture works.
    You know what else was glitched in this second download though? (and again maybe it's just my game) but you know that beautiful brown stone work that you used on the columns and the foundation? That stone work was all replaced with some weird pattern. I had to go into build mode and change it back to the brown stones. It wasn't any trouble at all, but still weird. It's all good though. I'm going to play the game now. Thank you for all your help with this. I'm sorry if I was any trouble. I'll keep you posted if and when I write that story :)