Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Help Me Decide

I'm attempting at re-creating ^this home for a competition being held over at The Simmers Society.  The goal is to keep it as close to the floorplan and drafts (below) as possible

After fighting that roof (it surprisingly wasn't easy!) and messing around with the walls and the shape, I think I am finally happy with what I have so far - although it's not much.  I have the house up and all the interior walls placed.

Now I'm trying to place my windows and doors.   But I'm having trouble deciding what windows to use. So I want your input on what you think I should go with.

Should I go with this one?

Or with this one?

Comment on this post and tell me what you think.  Or if you even have an idea that's different from the two pics above I'm open to hear it. :)



  1. I would go more with number 1 than 2 because of the upper level window. It looks like it would be a 2-tile window in the real-life picture, and I think the 1-tile would be better than the 3 1-tile windows.

  2. Also, use MOO to get ride of the fireplace on the outside.

  3. Thanks Will and TXn. :)
    And TXn, I was actually going to put a wall around the brick to hide it, but what you say to do makes good sense! I'll have to play around with it and see which looks best.

    It's a shame EA never made the silly fireplaces CAS-able.

  4. What about if on the first floor by the garage, you use the Bonjour et Adieu window?