Friday, June 15, 2012

Coming Soon! Breckenridge Cottage

This will be a 2-car garage, 3 bedroom/2.5 bath house and has an open floor plan.  It's also another build I'm creating by request.  The original floor plan the requester wanted can be found at should you be interested to see the floor plan.

My version of the house is very close to the floor plan but there are areas of the interior layout that I took liberty of.  Namely, I got rid of the bedroom closets.  I'm nearly done - just those silly bedrooms to decorate so this ought to be uploaded as soon as tommorrow or as late as mid-week next week.

The home will be Store Free and CC Free but will need all expansions and stuff packs except for Katy Perry Sweet Treats.



  1. That's an adorable shell, Peaches! I LOL'ed at the part where you said "All EPs and SPs except Sweet Treats"! I nearly caved when I was given the chance yesterday but preordered Supernatural, Diesel and bought Master Suite instead... Phew O_O

    --Wibble :)

  2. I have an awful (and maybe not-so-justified) hate for the KPST, lol. It's definitely an SP I don't intend to buy unless I'm intoxicated (which I'm not a big drinker at all) or if I find it in a $5 bin. :D