Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Coming Soon - Hidden Springs Country Club

It seemed like a shoe-in to me to create a country club for Hidden Springs.  In place of Lars' Disco Tech, I started to create a country club, which I found more fitting than an out-dated "disco joint."

So, here's what used to be on the lot:

And using the same frame but changing the style and a bit of the layout, here's the country club:

Again, it's still in construction, but I don't think it'll take me long to finish it.  I think the issue will be in uploading it.

Speaking of uploading, the Fire House and Spa are still not uploading to my studio and I really don't want to upload to mediafire because they purge uploads frequently and there's no guarantee that uploads to mediafire will be there long enough to allow everyone to download. So, I'm still trying to work on uploading those two lots.  It has been successful without using the upload image changer program, but I really don't get the downloads I like without having custom pics so I'm working on how to fix this.

Again, as soon as they upload the way I want, I will include links and additional pictures here on the blog.

Happy Simming

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