Friday, March 2, 2012

Available for Download! Fox Run

Hi All!

I hope I'm not speaking too soon when I say that it looks like my uploading issues have been fixed.  I tested the theory by creating a small starter home and uploading it and it worked.  Hooray!

This little house is on a custom-placed lot, size 20x15.  This is ultimately base-game compatible, as the only Expansion item I used was the TV from Generations.  I also used one store item that is not necessary, it was just for a little decoration.  I used a Hidden Springs awning over the window in the front of the house.  Again, you don't need to have Hidden Springs but the item won't be there in your download.

I used 3 custom patterns that are safe and tested.  They are included in the download.  No other CC was used.  So that should make downloading a cinch!

Now, time for picture spam!

CLICK HERE  to download Fox Run
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As always, Chickadees, Happy Simming!

PS - I will be uploading Panacea and Fabersham Fire House shortly and will make another post here to my blog. :)

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