Monday, February 13, 2012

Gettin' My Groove On

Since starting this pet project for myself, my desire to build has been re-sparked.  I love building, but some projects really keep me entertained.  Turns out, creating my own version of what I want in Hidden Springs is really entertaining.

Since completing Towne Square, I've dabbled a little more with the Hunter's Lodge.  But I stopped because I think I really want to focus on fixing the "downtown" area of HS (Hidden Springs) first.

I bulldozed that atrocious Crystal Solarium Rejuvinating Waters and made way for a Greece-inspired, elite community pool.  Since Hidden Springs is supposed to be this rich, hip city that the celebrity and affluent sims run to, then it needs to look like it, right?



It's obviously still a WIP but hopefully you can get the idea of what I'm trying to accomplish.  This lot will have store items from the Greek sets and the same CC I've used in the Towne Square.

There will be luxuious lounges and bars, outdoor pools and hot tubs and private baths.  Parking will be added to either side of the lot as well, I just haven't added that yet.

Another fixer-upper I've started in on is the fire station.  The previous fire station was the default Ambitions lot.  I removed that and created this:

It's large, I know, but I think it'll be great.  The black asphalt leads to the additional parking and also offers a back-gate enterance to the fitness/recreation area for the fire-fighters.
The first floor is where the fire truck is housed, the office for the captain/chief, and a living area.  The second floor will be for the kitchen and dining, and the third is the bathrooms and sleeping area.  Also, on a random side-note, this fire house is wide and not long, so it may look a little bigger than it is...

The last lot I worked on (and completed since it's a simple rabbit hole) is the former diner, The Enchanted Grill, is gone and I replaced it with the Town Life restaurant that you see below.  I also altered a little of the landscaping and made an elevated outdoor eating area.

Unless someone really wants me to, I'm not going to upload this lot to the exchange because I really didn't do much with this lot since it's just a rabbit hole.  However, should any reader really want to add this to their game, I will add it to my studio upon request. :)

The next lot I plan to rebuild is Lars' Disco-Tech.

I think I can do better since I'll be able to use Late Night items and make it a sweet lounge.  So stay tuned, folks!

Happy Simming

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