Sunday, February 12, 2012

Hidden Springs Towne Square

I'm baaacck!

So, I was able to get a boost of creativity to finish the big park in Hidden Springs.  For those interested, it is uploaded to my studio on the Exchange.

Before giving the link, let me say that this lot does include some CC.  It is all safe and tested and shouldn't negatively impact your game.

I only used the flat cement roof trim and Large Sidewalk Tile spray paint that I got from Awesims ... I don't have the link for it.  Both of these CC items are included in the download.

Click Here  to download Towne Sqaure.
Please take the time to recommend. :)

Happy Simming!

PS - Pictures are located in the asset ...

EDIT: Just to be sure that the spray paint from Awesims works, I feel that I should provide the files necessary in case downloading the lot doesn't include this CC I used.
I uploaded the files in a zip folder on mediafire HERE
If anyone could tell me if downloading the lot does or does not include the side walk spray paint, that'd be great.

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